Wong Fu Productions… A Big New Step!

Like the fall, life can turn a new leaf fairly quickly…

For Ted Fu, Wesley Chan, and Philip Wang (the Founders of Wong Fu Productions), that turn happened almost instantaneously… “Working with a record label… not to mention a major record label… was definitely new territory for us,  so we learned a lot. The first major challenge was that we had 1 and half weeks to go from ‘ Hello, yeah, sure we’ll take the job, to push and record for the first shot.”

Stark Trak/Interscope along with Wong Fu Productions’s collaboration continue to see the “Cali, Cali, Cali” music video (from artist, Alyssa Bernal) gain more and more views. Within a few days, the music video gained over 219, 520 views.

Alyssa Bernal’s story is a Cinderella story that only hopeful singers dream of. She was just a teenage girl going to school. With countless singers uploading videos on YouTube these days, getting noticed seems harder than it looks. However, with Bernal’s soulful acoustic performances, she caught the eye of Music Producer Pharrell Williams.

Her record deal with Star Trak/Interscope Records added her onto the already notorious list of famous acts such as Lady Gaga and Far East Movement (who’ve hit number #1 on the iTunes chart, certified platinum, and soaring the Bilboard charts with their hit “Like a G6”). Far East Movement works with Wong Fu in the annual International Secret Agents Concerts.

While Bernal performed at the ISA Concerts for the Wong Fu Production team, the management at the major record label liked what they saw, and asked the team if they would shoot Alyssa’s first music video for her single “Cali, Cali, Cali.”

The turnaround might have been quick, but for Wong Fu, the career highlight means new things for the future.

<<bloger’s note>> Wes, Ted, Phil, I know we just talk through Twitter, but as a fan I just want to say I’m so proud of you! Watching you mature, progress, and stride over the years has been truly amazing.  I know it was unfortunate that we couldn’t meet up while you were here in OK, but I hope to see you guys either in LA or at your return to OU! Wish you all the best, and Cheers for the future!

Wong Fu with major record label…

FM reaching number one on iTunes, and climbing the Bilboard Charts…

Charice guest appearance on ‘Glee’

I can say that I’m truly proud to be an Asian American at this time!




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