I’m still “Awe-shum”…

As of this morning, I decided to take a little vacation from Facebook and Twitter. For one, I spend way too much time on both of them, and my grades definitely show it. This break is actually resulting from a wake-up call I got last night.

Well, about week ago… I developed a celebrity  crush on Harry Shum Jr. How it happened was kind of amazing actually.

Throughout my whole semester, I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues. One night, I was feeling really stressed out, and I took a break from studying and decided to watch some YouTube videos of Harry. Seeing how Glee’s been giving him a bigger role ( and now season regular), I wanted to see what was out there. I stumbled upon a video of him dancing his solo at the GLEE Live Tour. The first time I saw that, I remember not only laughing, but actually genuinely smiling. For those brief moments, I felt carefree and just every little thing that was worrying me, was gone.

Now, of course I have the love of my family friends to guide me through and trust me it does. However, I don’t know… something unexplainable about Harry’s performance really just made me happy.

Now, I’ll admit… I guess I did get a little too crazy sending Mr. Shum Jr. lots and lots (and lots) of tweets. But, I guess I just wanted to see if I’d get a reply. I mean isn’t that why people tweet in the first place? To talk? I will say, I am thankful for the two @replies I received from Harry. Tweets from celebrities I know are like golden tickets in the Twitterverse and I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some, including his.

Anyhoo, It seems that some people have been reading my tweets the wrong way. So, it’s only fitting that I explain myself.

Of course, I know the chances of Harry and I ending up together would take a lot of miracles.  Whenever I have a celebrity crush, I know my limits… Plus, the way I look at my crush on Harry, he’s more like a physical representation of what I want in a guy. Someone who’s kind, caring, respectful, and passionate about his craft. Even with this thought, people still tease me, because to them I’m apparently not realistic.

I’ve been to a concert, where these girls were in full on wedding gear just hoping that they’d get noticed by the band.. and actually to my surprise it worked. I commended those girls, because they not only wore wedding garb, they drove 664 miles just to see their favorite band play, and the band was so grateful and impressed they gave the girls front row seats.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as wearing a wedding dress, but I’d probably find some way to show Harry my admiration.  I mean… Lord knows there’s a reason why I’m not fond of jerks, and that’s because I’ve had to deal my fair share of them. The fact that Harry actually takes the time out of his busy schedule to talk to his fans (and he talks to a lot of them), really shows that he’s grateful for where he’s at today.

Now, of course… I’ve only seen his performances and interviews, so I don’t know if he’s really a jerk off camera and offline. Something tells me though, just the way he carries himself he’s not. There’s no hint of arrogance, and he seems really genuine unlike a lot of young Hollywood stars, which gives me legitimate reason to admire him.

So, I guess the purpose of tonight’s blog can be bullet pointed as follows:

1) To my Twitter followers (and Harry) I’m really sorry about getting carried with the tweets. Looking back on them, I really do look like an obsessed fan girl almost to the point of where I looked like one of those tweens suffering from Jo’Bros. mania, Twilight mania, or Beiber fever.

2) To the people who thought I lost my sanity, look at all the big Pop Culture phenomenons out there. I’m sure you can find lots of people who are worse than me… So, before you tease again you might choose the next words wisely.

2) My vacation is just to take a break… It’ll be good for me before finals to clear my head and focus on school.

3) Harry, I highly doubt you’re reading this, but if you are… I just want to let you know that for a brief period, you played a part in making me really joyful. It’s been awhile since I felt highly ecstatic, and even though I don’t have the best grades right now, or I’m not performing my best at work, you took all my stress away, and put several smiles on my face… So, thank you.

Just before I leave I want to say to everyone… before you say something that might hurt someone, just please take a few seconds and really think about it. I know it seems common sense, but words are powerful weapons. In fact, you never you when those weapons can be used against you.

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