Closing a Chapter, Open Up a New Adventure

Imagine for a second that something ordinary you excel in became a super power. Well, for visionary Director Jon M. Chu (of Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D he explores this concept in the dance adventure online series: THE LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Unlike a serial drama you see on TV, this episodic story keeps you on your toes as you follow the adventures of the LXD. In the first season, you get the idea that it’s not your typical show. Our fatherly narrator tells us that in order to understand the LXD we must start from the middle, and one by one introduce each character. In the entertainment industry, some have proven that moving away from the linear and focusing on the conceptual can sometimes go against one’s vision. However, Chu’s creative team keeps the energy moving and the visuals attention grabbing for the viewers to keep tuning in each week.

Alongside Chu are Harry Shum Jr., Christopher Scott, and Galen Hooks. The three act as choreographers and sometimes as directors. Since the series focuses on dance, the choreography obviously plays a big role. The team certainly does not disappoint. What sets The LXD a part from the many “dance shows” is the fact that it incorporates a slew of different styles of dance. From B-boying to tap, to waving, and even ballet… the variety offers a breath of fresh air saying, “Everyone is extraordinary in their own right.”

There’s also another fresh take on things… the battle between good and evil. This beautiful idea that dance can be both an amazing power yet destructible moves the story along like the sharp choreography you see on the show.

Of course, the pinnacle of the show is the fact that the lessons they are imparting on their viewers. Once you mastered your “ra” or power, everyone can fight the struggles in their own lives. Good can surpass evil.

Along with the brilliant choreography, the cinematography, editing, and lighting makes the series visually stunning. What’s even more impressive is that everything was shot on location with no wirework, no special effects, no green screen: JUST TALENT.

Thanks to its loyal viewers, The LXD has become the most viewed web series. It’s received much praise even winning Advertising Age’s Media Vanguard Award for BEST ORIGINAL WEB SERIES. Along with the award, the series have performed on So You Think You Can Dance, The 82nd Academy Awards, The Conan O’ Brien Show and The TED ’10 Conference.

Congratulations to the LXD for all their success. Jon, from an aspiring exec. producer, this is the stuff I live for: creativity at its finest. Harry, Chris, Galen, the choreography is remarkable. Continue to show the world that dance is not only a beautiful work of art, but it’s expression in movement.

Readers who just discovered The LXD: join the adventure here:

Readers who already watch the series tune into the 2 part series finale premiering tomorrow.

Join the adventure, being your own, and most of all remember that your are extraordinary. 

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