Dear Glee, Open the MJ Door Not the Bieber Door…

Dear Mr. Ryan Murphy,

I just have to ask, “Why?” Why did you, Brad Falchuk, and the rest of the writing/producing team decide to do Bieber? When I first heard the news, I was stunned & furious at the same time. Sure, a couple months ago I jokingly suggested “GLEE” do a Bieber episode, but now after re-watching Season 1 and being reminded of the genius creation that the show is, I honestly can’t see a Bieber episode. Now, everyone deserves their own opinion, and I respect you as an Exec. Producer entirely. However, let me do this they way they taught us in school– state reasons to back up your argument. “GLEE” should not do Bieber, and here are my reasons why…


You could so much more with a different artist-centraled episode than Bieber. I can’t get see anything working into the story without making the show look “boy band-ish” or cheesy. You’re trying to attract viewers not turn them away (I’ll get to the whole Bielebers crowd later). I mean, Mr. Murphy can you honestly see Artie singing “Somebody to Love” or  Finn singing “Baby?” It would just look too stilted, and it would be a major let down to the current Gleeks. The show can do so much more. Plus, what about the girls? Lea Michelle, Dianna Agron, Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz all have amazing voices way more deserving than wailing on some Bieber songs. What about Harry Shum Jr.? I’ve grown so much respect for him… The way his character developed, and I’m so happy about him becoming GLEE regular. I can’t see his amazing talent being wasted on some stuffed and puffed moves to Mr. Bieber’s music. He deserves more than that, I mean just watch the other series he’s doing (“The LXD”).

Besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t buying Mr. Bieber’s song catalog a little pricy to begin with? I mean sure,  “GLEE’s” got the money, but investing in Bieber would just be an honest waste. There’s no depth, no assistance of moving the storyline across… and that’s the purpose of this show. It’s not just bursting out into song, it’s telling a story musically.


Again, correct me if I’m wrong… but didn’t “Glee” recently receive 5 Golden Globe noms, SAG Awards Noms, and 2 People Choice Awards? I mean, that’s pretty impressive. I’m also proud and impressed by the fact you earned a nom for the Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of an Episodic Television Show. “Glee’s” a show that really grabs the audience, because it has substance. It’s not just some sing and dance show after money or ratings. It’s moving a country, and hopefully making it better by shedding some light on what some hardships are like for other people.

Besides, you guys have done some amazing things. When people opposed the Gaga episode you proved them wrong by brilliantly putting them into the story. You proved your comical genius with the Britney episode, and payed great homage to the great icon Madonna with the “Power of Madonna” episode.

Doing an homage to the Biebster would be taking things down a notch, not up.


Look, Mr. Murphy, Ryan if I may… I respect the hell out of you. “Glee” is an amazing show, no doubt. You don’t need the millions of Bielebers for ratings… you’ve done fantastic in your time slot. Sure, getting more fans to tune in would be great… but you don’t to turn to some “easy-vanilla icing- on- the- cake” artist. You know why I love Glee? I love Glee, because I can relate to it so much. The issue of bullying–I’ve been there. The teasing, the getting picked on, the being an outcast… I’ve been there. The show has so much to offer, you guys have so much more substance than some stupid reality show or some stupid teen drama about sex.

You know, I’ve heard suggestions for things like Michael Jackson and Disney. There’s SO much you could do with Michael Jackson. A sing- off between Vocal Adrenaline  & New Directions w/ “Beat It,” Mercedes could sing “I’ll Be There.” Finn and Rachel could sing “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Puck and Finn could sing “The Girl is Mine” or “Just Good Friends.” There’s so many great hits from MJ you could do. The Estate might be costly, and his family might not be so warm to the idea… but still… investing in that episode would be so much better than the Bieber investment.

So, please reconsider Ryan… I respect you so much… and I would hate for you to lose some rather than win some.


Stephanie Pham

Aspiring Exec. Producer

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