My Call to Action: Please Join Me

First off, a big thank you to GLEE for doing such an amazing episode about self acceptance. However, my focus tonight strays away from one of my favorite shows.

This all began about a month ago..

Hearing about heart breaks isn’t a new subject for me. However, in a span of a couple weeks, I heard about so many friends getting their heart broken including my own. I was wondering… What’s wrong with this picture? There’s so many great friends that I have, yet others think it’s perfectly fine to go around treating my friends with disrespect.

After doing some thinking on one of my walks around campus, a light bulb went off. SELF ACCEPTANCE (Note: this was pre-Glee episode). How can we expect people to treat us with respect when we don’t treat ourselves with respect?

I lost count on how many “UGH… I hate my…” and other self-loathing comments I’ve heard. Almost to the point where I’m absolutely tired of them, and yes that’s including the ones coming out of my mouth.

So, here’s the thing…

You know why I loved ballroom class? Yes, I love dance, the friends I’ve made in there and I love all the fun memories we made. One of the biggest reasons why it became my favorite class was because it built up my confidence. The lovely compliments I received. The fact that I’ve heard so many people in the past weeks saying that they’re rooting for my partner and me in the competition. That amount of support was something I never EVER received in any other class. Sure, I have unbelievable friends and an amazing family. However, I always felt like I never belonged in a class… my confidence was always shaken by the fact that I felt lesser than my classmates. In ballroom, we were all beginners. We all started from square one, and we worked through 13 long weeks of training to become the fun loving group we finished off the semester as. That’s why I loved that class.

So, tonight… I stand before you as Stephanie Lien Pham:

The 21 year old young woman who has an overbite in her smile. She also has a huge scar on her leg called a keloid. I have thighs bigger than my legs… I’m extremely short.

(The list goes on and on…)

However, I don’t see those as flaws. My appearance really comes second in mind, because that’s only half the story. I love the way I look, and I love the person that I am. Do I need to work on improving a few things? YES. But do I need to change anything? NO. That’s where you come in…

Join me in showing the world that you’re perfectly happy with who you are. Show the person who needs a good role model, that you ARE that role model. When you hear someone complain… tell him or her to think about this: While they get to live another day complaining… someone else couldn’t because they lost the battle in self acceptance.

Stand up with me in showing the world that every individual is a valued one. After all, God makes no mistakes.


I dedicate this post to all my amazing friends, and my beautiful family for accepting the fact that I was Born This Way. 

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