NKOTBSB — The Right Stuff for a Larger Than Life Concert

While the city of Tulsa, OK might’ve been over 100 degrees, the atmosphere in the BOK Center was hotter. For their NKOTBSB — Once in a Lifetime tour, the Tour de Force of Boy Bands (New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys) brought their heart-stopping show to Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sunday.

The evening is off to a octane-fueled start from the get go. Midnight Red, the newly Interscope Records group, kicks it off with a beat-infused number of “Rockstar Lover.” With the flavors of today’s hit makers and the energy of their predecessors (aka NKOTBSB), their music proves itself catchy, dance  club worthy, and nothing but fresh.

Matt Morrison (GLEE) also brought on the moves with his music. His opening set list is tantalizing treat for the audience leaving them wanting more. He fills his opening slot with steamy hits “Sway” and “Golddigger” and an even more impressive feat, his original songs. A refreshment to radio-recyled hits of today, they had a great undertone of emotion, sentiment, and love to them.

Following Morrison is a moment 20 plus years in the making. An adrenaline pumping montage plays as a cacophony of  screams fills the arena from wall to wall. Greeted by an majestic display of pyrotechnics, the supergroup of NKOTBSB appeared above the crowd of thousands on a high rise platform.

With both groups performing a 31 song greatest hits set list, nothing about the concert has a “Farewell Tour” atmosphere about it, despite what others think. Not only is the music a non-stop party, but the fashion as well. Both groups dawned on slick suits and edgy rock wear that is as hot as the weather outside.

The highlight of the whole event would have to be how interactive all the acts are that evening. The opening acts and NKOTBSB all greeted screaming fans one way or the other. From high rise platforms, to a elongated cat walk… everyone got a chance to see all the action. Even better, the gentleman from NKOTBSB decides to greet their fans personally– both the audience on the floor level and fans in the stands. Not only is it a great experience for the audience, but like a lot of bands out their say, “It feels amazing to see who comes to your show and see the faces of your supporters.”

All in all, the music was hot (ballad and dance hit wise), the moves were smooth, and most of all the best feeling anyone could get at any show — a sense of community and family. It was such a sweet moment for both of the generations of the house to hear the bands introduce each other. A show worthy of the title of phenomenal. Thanks to the universal language that is music, there’s not two families of boy bands anymore it’s just one super group of dance, love, and music — NKOTBSB.

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