Wishing I Could Thank You in A Different Way…

Dear NKOTBSB Family,

At the Tulsa show, it wasn’t the pyrotechnics, the deafening screams, the massive stage/cat walk that made that night special to me. It was how sweet, humble and interactive you guys were. I’ve been to several concerts, but only a handful had a sense of connection from “musical act to fan.” You guys were pulling people on stage, singing to ladies from every part of the arena, going into the crowd, the “stands”… Never before have I seen a group so interactive with the audience.

Not only were you guys so sweet to the fans, but just from dancing/singing in the crowd all night long, I’ve never seen such a “communal” audience. We were dancing with each other, swaying, laughing, crying, the works. That’s exactly what makes a show pass expectations–enjoying it with others. I’m overjoyed that you have such a loyal following that connects with each other. Being able to be apart of that crowd with my best friend was beyond anything I could imagine, so thank you!

To Midnight Red, you guys kicked it off  like I’ve never seen an opening act do. I’ve never seen the crowd jump to their feet within five seconds of the opening act. Your music makes people dance, smile, and most of all happy. I see nothing but bright things in your future, and hopefully we’ll stay connected. =)

To Matt Morrison, you’ve been an amazing person to follow weekly on GLEE. Seeing your raw talent live was something I’ll never forget. Never stop shinning. A class act like you doesn’t come along often.

Finally, NKOTBSB: You guys, I cannot say what did that show did for me. Before your show, I had a plentiful list of worries. I may still have daily stresses, but I’ve reached a really great place of happiness now. Anyone who’s hurt me in the past is now a healed wound in my heart– thanks to you and your sincerity. I don’t know how much longer you’re going to be doing this, but I know I’m not the only one who expresses this gratitude. So, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you sincerely. Keep making others happy with your kindness and music.


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