Truly Once In a Lifetime… NKOTBSB Closing Remarks

In just a few weeks, the catwalk will be packed up. The pyrotechnics will be neatly tucked away, and the majestic stage that played before 53 cities in the span of 4 months will say its last goodbye. Let’s not forget the acts themselves. New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys truly outdid themselves this summer. Since the tour will be ending soon, I thought I’d give my remarks.

Usually, before going to a concert I’d do my research/homework. Check out the setup, maybe sneak a peek of YouTube videos from others shows, and really learn more about the concert itself. However, this time I think not having any knowledge made the show that much more spectacular for me.

Not knowing who Midnight Red was really allowed me to see that in a industry where many artists create music for money versus the love of the art, I’m glad to see a group of young gentlemen killing it on stage night after night– doing it because of the incredible opportunity they’ve been given. If they keep that up, there’s only way to go–up. Up to new heights, and bigger and brighter things to come their way.

I knew Matt Morrison was the opening act, but I had no idea how incredible he was going to be live. It’s so hard to find someone who’s head hasn’t been consumed by fame. Even though he was working both the uptempo numbers and ballads, he never turned away from the class act that he is. An act like that is very hard to find.

Finally the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys (aka NKOTBSB), it was so great to hear all those songs again. They really do make people happy. In this day where a lot of us are struggling, we need a reminder every now and then of those really great times we had. Music — your music- certainly does that.

I’m beyond glad and grateful that I got to see the show. I hope you guys feel that trucking along every which way across the country was worth it. Because to us fans, we got a experience that was way more than we bargained for. Each night we got amazing music, sweet down to earth guys (who actually went out to the crowds unlike a lot of acts these days), and just a night of memories to last a lifetime. So, to everyone a part of this tour– Midnight Red, Matt Morrison, NKOTBSB, other openers, BOYS II MEN, crew, producers directors– on behalf of the fans, I want to thank you. It’s been a journey that we fans will never forget. In the words of Tim Cahill “A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.” We will forever be your friends… and forever be your NKOTBSB family.


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