How a New Kid On The Block Inspired Me…

What inspires you? People, places and things? Well, let me you first things first… My family and friends inspires me daily. God inspires instills perseverance in me. However, lately someone’s inspired me– Donnie Wahlberg.

One of the biggest reasons that I love about Donnie is that he starts each morning off with positivity and such enthusiasm for life. In a world with such distress, such negativity about everything… I find his daily words of positivity refreshing.

Along with his positivity, I admire his strength… mentally and physically. If it’s anything that I can expect as a future producer, it’s juggling multiple projects.  He recently wrapped a 52 show tour with NKOTBSB. Right now, he’s shooting Blue Bloods. Many people juggle multiple things out there… but again with his positivity, his embracement of enjoying life… that is what impresses and inspires me–his ability to do all those things with love and respect…

Finally, the thing that probably inspired me most was something I saw a couple nights ago. I was watching a “Behind The Scenes” doc of the process on how New Kids on The Block got back together. Not only were his “Block Brothers” very respectful of the fact that he “spear headed” the reunion, but I myself was very respectful of how passionate he was about the craft. Music takes a lot energy, passion, love and care that a lot of people don’t realize… and I was really excited about the fact that he’s not like a lot of musicians out there. He’s not Mr. “I’ve Got Money on Mind” all the time… He really cares about giving the listeners something they’ll enjoy. Along with his dedication, something he said stood out to me… “You know, when we were in our hey day… (a fan) must’ve been about 15… what is she 30, now? Who’s taking care of her? Who’s showing her a good time?” Even though, I’m in my early 20s and discovered NKOTB in my latter years, I still find it magnificent that he cares about giving these loyal fans what they came for– a great time. As someone who went to a NKOTBSB show, he did that and so much more… the whole group did and Donnie’s a big part of that.

Donnie, I have no idea if you’re reading this… but I want you to know that… YOU inspired me to go into concert production… It’s so ambitious, because it’s not a “one man” job, however… with your words of encouragement… I know it’ll happen someday… I’ll make all my dreams come true, and you’ll be someone I thank when that happens. Thank you for always starting the day off with such optimism, and giving me strength each day. In a field that I’m soon to enter where there are divas, divos, big egos, and drama… I’m glad I can say that you’re someone who I look up to. I’ll forever dream big, and I will always love eternally.

Stephanie L. Pham

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