Song of The Day Project — DAY 1

Song of the Day: “Tonight”

Artist: New Kids on The Block

Album: New Kids on The Block Greatest Hits

In honor of it being my last official day of freedom before I become a senior in college,  I went for a song that really captured how I felt.

Not only is this song fun, upbeat, and makes you dance… It also has a sense of nostalgia… Looking back on this summer… I had plenty of nostalgic events!

What I really loved was that I got to spend a lot of time with my family. Usually during the school year, everyone’s pretty busy. Especially since we’re all grown up now, we have our own different paths. So, going on vacation and just relaxing at home with them was pretty tremendous in itself.

My best friend, Lauren, and I had a record setting amount of adventures. Each one containing nothing but fun! We’ve been best friends since Freshman year of high school, and now we’ll be moving on to our last 2 years of college. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. She’s been with me through everything… She’s like a sister to me, and this summer was truly magical. Thanks, Lauren!

Finally, I guess since I’ve pretty much talked everyone’s ears off about the NKOTBSB concert I will say this… I’m fortunate to have met some new friends this summer. Whether it was in Zumba class, work, or even Twitter… I’m glad that in this world where so many bad things happen I just feel blessed to surround myself with lovely people!

To New Kids On The Block, I chose this song because it’s not saying… Oh… Good things are in the past…”Well, I guess it’s a brand new day after all…” really does mean… Each day is a new gift. We celebrate each day, because not everyone’s so look to have another one… Plus, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to new friends. Des, It’s been great getting to know you, girl! It’s BH sisters like you that make BLOCK NATION a family.

With that said, this summer has been nothing short of spectacular. Thank you to everyone a part of it! And just because it’s the last day of summer doesn’t mean the party stops there! Each day’s a gift, and each day… There’s a reason to live it up and celebrate! So, raise your glasses and let’s toast to another amazing year! 2011-2012 HERE WE COME!



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