Daily Song Project — Day 4

Song Title: “Grown Man”

Artist: “New Kids on The Block”

Album: The Block

Everyone has their own insecurities.  Even the most egocentric or confident people in the world feel insecure about something.  For me, it took me years to feel comfortable with my body.  Occasionally, I have moments of doubt or discomfort, but I finally reached a place where I feel beautiful.

I chose this song, because it gives me confidence.  The through back to Aretha’s “Chain of Fools,” the hypnotic beat, and just overall energy gives me this strength.  I usually walk around campus listening to music that I call “Runway Music,” and this song definitely makes me feel like I am on a runway.

Ok, let’s be honest… the song is a little dirty… ok… REALLY dirty… (I mean what do you expect, the song title speaks for itself). However, I like the strength given to the ladies.

So, You wanna get with me, yeaaah… I gotta say that’s what’s up. But I must admit, I ain’t easy. You gonna be workin’ over time on me.” 

Unlike a lot of songs where the girl basically sings “do me, right here… right now,” the ladies have this power. If I learned anything socially, women who are less aggressive and less vulgar receive more respect.

So, to wrap this up…  Definitely go check out the track! Finally just feel confident with who you are. Everyone came into this world beautiful, and they leave that way as well. No one can bring you down, because if they do… 100% of the time they are usually not confident with who they are. Strut it, work it, LOVE IT! 🙂


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