Daily Song Project: “Big Time” — Joey McIntyre

Song: “Big Time” 

Artist: Joey McIntyre

Album: Here We Go Again

When I first heard “Big Time,” I thought it sounded like something from my teen years. However, after listening to the lyrics I thought… “Wow, if only more entertainers got to hear this song how different would things be today.”

If you haven’t heard of the song, he implies to this “rockstar wannabe” that performing isn’t all about the allure and glamour.  People have jobs in those fields, because they possess a passionate for the craft. They care deeply about their career, just like anyone else who works hard for it.

In the industry, you will find those dedicated performers.  However, you will also find the ones who only care about the bottom line. That thought process of solely thinking about the money aspects comes into a lot of what we hear and see.  Just the other day, I heard a song for the first time on the radio that’s become quite popular.  It’s called “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn. After hearing the song, I went… “What is happening in the music world to let a song like this get air play?” The whole songs speaks about how she wants the world to treat her like a princess.  Whatever happened to going into the studio and creating life changing content like The Beatles did?

Coming from someone who aspires for a career in the concert industry, I just want to say that even though the song has a goofy tone in an endearing way, the song should be a wake up call for many.  A job means a lot more than just money. If people viewed their occupations that way, we would be dealing with a lot of miserable colleagues on a daily basis.

Hopefully, with continuing efforts to improve education people being miserable at work will slowly fade away. You do a job sometimes because you need it, but at some point you want that career you worked hard for years.  That’s why I’m glad there’s people like Joe out there.  His kindness, dedication to family, and wholesome spirit motivates me to reach all my dreams.  I’d sure love to have my name in the “big time,” but I’d much rather have a career I care a lot about– A career I earned because of the support from the people I love.


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