Positivity… Find it Everywhere

People find their “inspirational” words in books, fortune cookies, quotes and so many other places… but have you ever seen motivational words on a bathroom stall? Minus the “I could do Drake all day everyday.” Seeing a bathroom stall in the ladies room on campus filled with positive song lyrics and sayings surprised me today.  The words ranged from Katy Perry’s “Firework” to “Love Who You Are.” Seeing this really brightened up my day.  It wasn’t like I was having a terrible one, but how often do you see women and girls encouraging each other?

Suddenly this brought back memories of when people did the “acts of random kindness.”  Today finding kind and positive people becomes more rare each day.  Just seeing something small yet uplifting really does help.  The action does not have to be huge to make someone happy.  Even just simple words help. I know.

So, without any hesitation, I quickly made my contribution to the “stall of positivity.”  The first lyrics I chose were Joey McIntyre’s “Stay The Same.”  To some it’s just a 90s cheesy pop song.  To me, it’s words that I live by everyday.  We should all grow, learn and mature. However we should never change who are as justification to someone else’s standards.

The next song lyrics I chose were Jordan Knight’s “Never Alone.”  Whenever I’m feeling really down, I know I can blast this song up and just soak myself in those motivational lyrics.  I can’t tell you how much Jordan’s music helped me out in my down periods.  If I can spread happiness to one person who really needs it with those words, I’ve done my job.

So, let this be a lesson to everyone.  I’m not saying vandalize public property, but bring back or continue acts of random kindness.  Give a sincere compliment to someone, open doors, or donate your time to someone who needs it.  In a time where life gets tough, we can all help each other out — we can make a change.  How do we change the world? In the words of Morgan Freeman’s character in Evan Almighty, “With One Act of Random Kindness at a Time.” 



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