A Year In the Blogisphere…

While I type this up, the thought of writing on wordpress for a year astounds me. Thinking of the things that happened in that year really overwhelms me as well.  I’ve been blessed with so many great memories. No object or materialistic could replace those magnificent moments with my family and friends.

In total honesty, I wish had some things many of my peers or friends possess. However I feel like there many life experiences I have received that money cannot buy. From going to stupendous concerts, to meeting new friends, to visiting new places… It’s certainly been quite a tremendous ride…

For those marvelous memories I would like to thank my family, my friends near and far, my best friend, Lauren, and everyone who makes my life so enjoyable. Every so often, bumps in the road happen, but no matter what I am so thankful I live the life the life I lead. It’s not polite to decline a gift. So, cherish the gift of life by living it to the fullest value it deserves.


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