Update for Things to Come

Hello, one and all!

First of all,  my sincerest apologies for neglecting the blog! School keeps getting busier and busier by the minute. This week alone I have 3 midterms.

So, things that are coming up…

This Thursday I will hopefully be attending the Jay Mac (Journalism and Mass Comm. Association) ceremony this Thursday 10/17/11. It would be a great opportunity to network with alums from the program, and to be there as the Gaylord College honors working professionals who have taken their degree to the next level with honorary achievement.

On 10/25/11 There will be a Gaylord College Dean’s luncheon. Only 25 students are allowed by RSVP only. I have submitted my request, and hopefully I am able to attend. Getting to let the Deans know what my experience here would be a high honor, and it is also a real opportunity to let them know how things can change in order to help students succeed.

11/1 The bi-weekly meeting for Oklahoma College Broadcasters. I am the Publicity Chair, and we’ll most likely have a guest speaker, and talk about fundraising efforts for the big NYC conference happening during Spring Break of next semester.

11/8 The Gaylord Prize Luncheon – The Gaylord Prize honors an alum who’s work has lead him or her to be nationally or internally recognized for their outstanding work in Journalism and Mass Communications. This year we’re honoring Brian Lamb, founder of C-Span. I’m really looking forward to sharing such a momentous event with my peers, faculty, and the great alum we have at the college.

Finally the Regional South Central Broadcasting Conference in Austin Texas – This conference will be a uniting effort gathering media and broadcasting students in the South Central area of the US. We’ll award the production competition submissions, hear from guest speakers, and of course — DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY! 😉

I know this wasn’t exactly an exciting blog, but everyone’s been wondering why I’ve been so busy. On top of school work, I have these awesome events to look forward to! Oh, I forgot the career fair’s happening 10/26! I’m actually looking forward to going and handing out my resume and business cards.

So, I’ll post a fun little blog later. I’ve been wanting to talk about my decision of going into concert production. So, whenever I get the chance I’ll do that! 😀

Thanks to my followers for staying with me! Thanks for all the love and support, and here’s to big and brighter things happening in the future!


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