Daily NKOTBSB Song Project: Day 1

 Song: “2 In The Morning” 

 Artist: New Kids on The Block

 Album: The Block



Do you bottle your emotions inside? Well, many will tell you from personal experience that hiding your feelings solves nothing.

When I first heard “2 in the Morning,” I honestly choked on my smoothie listening to the lyrics. However, the more I listened to the track the more I realized how much I could relate to the song.

On several occasions, I find myself on both sides of the issue– the person who does not talk or the person who does not receive the feedback.  By not communicating, I usually find myself severely upset no matter the situation.  Anger is a wasted emotion, and I fully apply that to what the song’s communicating.

For those who do not know the song, it’s a narrative ballad about a couple in an argument.  One person tries to find a solution, the other does not want talk at all. Pretty soon it is 2 in the morning, and the two accomplish nothing.

This tug o’ war between someone pulling and fighting for a resolution versus the person pushing the issue away happens consistently in society.  If we all worked on finding a common ground, arguments and fights would happen less often.

So, next time you are presented an option to run away or talk it out, speak up. Let your voice express what’s on your mind and what’s in your heart.


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