Daily NKOTBSB Song Project: Day 2

Song: The Call

Artist: Backstreet Boys

Album: Black and Blue

Think about this: Has anyone ever said… “Oh, they cheated on their test! That’s so awesome that they got an ‘A,’ and I got a C! Even though I studied all week!” 

Heck no! So why is that more often than not when someone cheats– the cheater keeps hiding the affair, and the cheatee suspects something but does not want to cause any damage?  Sometimes, honesty overcomes the deception, and hopefully a positive outcome arises. Other times, nothing good can come out of duplicity.

This song’s story telling really appeals to me. Rarely do we hear the story from the cheater’s point of view.  Not only is the song catchy, but I like how it demonstrates that one little white lie can turn into something that you can never take back.

Now till it’s done nothing’s been won
I can’t take it back what’s done is done
One of her friends found out
That she wasn’t the only one
And it eats me from inside, that she’s not by my side
Just because I made that call and lied.”

Lies hurt everyone. Temptation looks seductive, but who benefits from it? No one. So, whenever an opportunity arise that you might potentially hurt someone, stop and think. Once you hurt someone, karma might possibly serve you a nastier does of your own medicine. Use your mind and save your heart the trouble.

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