Daily NKOTBSB Song Project: Day 5

Artist: New Kids on the Block (feat. Ne-Yo)

Song: “Single”

Record: The Block

No one likes being left alone, right? We all need space and independence at one point.  However, at least once in our lives, someone disappointed us by forgetting plans or neglecting to show up. ” In the track, “Single,” we get this story of a lady being left alone going to a show, and the gentlemen (New Kids of the Block and Ne-Yo) step in as her boyfriend for the evening.

“Single,” in the words of Ne- Yo, really is “a fantasy for the ladies.” Certainly plenty of women dream that their favorite singer(s) serenade them– be it on stage or in an intimate setting.

The Track: 

I like how this track stays simple. There are no crazy studio elements, just pure harmonies, a catchy melody and great vocals to fill the track wall to wall.

The Video: 

I applaud Benny Boom for the fantastic direction he did for the music video. The cinematography is slick and innovative with the different angle shots playing with the close ups.  Editing is done in an imaginative way to where the ladies do feel like their living out a fantasy. The freeze frames, the discoloration, the quick cut in and out of shots really help with that dream like element. The location is chic and sophisticated so it fit the song perfectly.

So, take a listen to the track & maybe the next time you’re feeling lonely you will conjure up a dream of your favorite band singing to you. Hey it could be just your little secret, and no one has to know! 😉


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