How One Moment Creates a Lasting Memory — @NKOTB

 Daily Song Project: Day 9

Artist: New Kids On The Block

Song: Summertime

Album: The Block



Being a child of the 90s, I was not old enough to experience the New Kids On the Block in their hey day. Whenever they got back together in ’08/09, I remember my sister telling me to come to the living room to watch the big announcement of a group reuniting on “The Today Show.” Of course, I thought it was either going to be Backstreet Boys or N*Sync… However, little did I know that little window of seeing them perform would affect a later stage in my life.

My older sister and I immediately fell in love with “Summertime.” We pretty much blasted it in the car a million, billion, trillion times. Whenever it came on the radio, I would do that *gasp* happy dance, singing-along-really-loudly routine. Even more unexpected, how much the song would impact me years down the road.

Fast forward to 2011, It’s legitimately the summer time. On July 17th I was invited to go to the Tulsa NKOTBSB show by my best friend. To be honest, I was really hesitant about going in the first place. It’s been about 2 years since I really “obsessed” over a group. Last time that happened was the Jo’Bros. concert, and I could not imagine topping a phenomenal concert plus a backstage meet & greet. However, what happened at the NKOTBSB show was something that’s going to be tough to top.

It was a brilliant move to have “Summertime” as NKOTB’s “solo” opener after the  joint group opening. The minute I heard the intro and Donnie Wahlberg screaming “TULLLLSA! IT’S THE SUMMERTIME,” my expression of ecstatic joy shot off like a firework.

Not only was I with my best friend, but I remembered all the good times of that song that my sisters and I shared. Nothing could beat that… or so I thought.

From wall to wall the show was a non-stop tour de force. I already raved on and on from previous posts, but I cannot express enough how much that show changed my life. It brought my best friend and so many tremendous memories. I made some amazing friends through the Block Head family.

Whenever NKOTB says that “the girl” they’re singing about in the song is a metaphor for the fans, I believe it.

“I think about you in the summertime, and all the good times we had baby. Been a few years, but I can’t deny the thought of you still makes me crazy.”

No matter how long it has been, NKOTB still has a loyal group of lovely women that know how to bring the noise. So, ladies… If I met you through this lovely family this post is for you. I am continuously amazed by your loving spirit. Your gracious generosity, and your incessant ability to make me smile.

To NKOTB: I would have never met these ladies without you. Day to day, I continue to find things that make you such exceptional men.

Donnie: Your words of love, spirit, and enthusiasm never ceases to motivate me. The minute I reach for my phone when I wake up, I know I can count on you to feed my soul with a positive dose of wellness and happiness. Thank you for being so uplifting.

Jordan: What can I say? You surprise me the most! You are this man who has this amazing gift to make me feel sexy (which by the way, is an extremely difficult task), yet be this sensitive and sweet guy at the same time. The hug you gave me at the show was so sincere and sweet. Thank you for not only making me feel sexy and confident, but also being a sweet and loving father, husband and mentor to us lovely ladies.

Danny: You are just beyond outstanding. The way you motivate and inspire thousands of people to live a healthy lifestyle is just mind blowing. Our health is one of the biggest key to enjoying life. I know that Betty’s smiling down you, because she’s extremely proud and honored by the heart and soul you put into helping others. Never change your beautiful spirit.

Jon: JON! JR! JONATHAN! You absolutely crack me! No matter what time of the day it is, you manage to always to me laugh. Your sarcasm, wit, and love for humor shows that you are not only talented, but you are extremely brilliant. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul, and I know I can count on you for a healthy dose.

Joey: Joe, what can I say? Yes, I might be biased in the next few seconds, because I am in the Mac Pack, but sweetie, you stole my heart for many good reasons. First and foremost, I love the fact that you’re a major family man. The dedication you put into your family gives me hope that there’s someone out there for me who cares about family as much as I do. You are beyond hilarious! I could watch videos of Eman and you for hours on end, and my cheeks would be sore for miles. Bottom line, I appreciate your honesty, your kindness, and you just being you. You stole my heart, and I now know for many years, I have someone to look up to.

Well, I probably wrote too much, but that is how much this song means to me. Thank you to everyone a part of Block Nation. Just remember, we will always have the summer time. No matter what day, no matter what hour, no matter what season: We always have the summer time. 😉



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