Daily NKOTBSB Song Project: Day 20 — @NKOTB

Artist: New Kids On The Block

Song: “Coming Home”

Album: “Coming Home” Exclusive Download from the Coming Home DVD


Life takes so many unexpected turns that for many of us home has been many places. The song “Coming Home” speaks a message that many have difficulty understanding.  It is not where you are, but who you are with makes a house a home.

Whenever someone decides to go away for his/her occupation, it can be extremely hard. In our world, service men & women depart from their loved ones for lengthy periods of time. Businessmen & women, and others in the workforce are also called to travel upon their work.  While the life a touring recording artist sounds glamourous, the tolls it takes on the personal aspect of life can be challenging. New Kids On the Block are certainly familiar with those touring strifes.

Just this past summer, they went on the road with Backstreet Boys, and the tour lasted from May to August. The 52 show tour de force was demanding, but they thankfully had scheduled days off. Even then, being away from family is tough. However, along with their loving families, the one thing they do have that gets them through the road is us: the loving family of Block Heads that are a part of Block Nation.

Once people familiarize themselves with us, they know we are more than just a hormonal fan base of crazy screaming ladies.  We see, hear, and feel the love that they give us & we give it right back. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone of us. If we have a bad day, listening to one of their songs makes it better. They make an effort to get to know who we are, and they are just nothing but down to earth gentlemen. The relationship we share with them is symbiotic. Each “fan” has their family, but we would certainly not be where we are without them. They certainly would not be where they are not if it was not for our support.

I have supported acts in the past, & I have never seen a more accepting & loving community as Block Nation. We make sure that everyone’s day starts off right. We give each other shout outs, we do everything we can to make each other smile. Your family by blood is untouchable, but this family is much deeper than friendship. It is 5 brothers, millions of sisters, and one family of loyal members that love each other.

Someone once told NKOTB in a Q & A, “You made the ‘Coming Home’ DVD.Next is the ‘Staying Home’ DVD, because this is where you belong.” No matter where we are, no matter where they are, we are united as one family — the Block Nation.

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