Don’t Dwell on What You You Can’t Change…

Today, there was some big news in Block Nation land. Due to the circumstances of family obligations and on top of other reasons, New Kids on The Block made the executive decision to cancel their New Year’s Eve show.

Now, there were a lot of understanding Blockheads that I saw of on my timeline. However, many were beyond outraged. I fully comprehend that it is a major pain that some hotels & flights are non refundable. That can be annoying, but this is not the end.

Have those upset ever heard of Murphy’s law? The whole concept of anything that can go wrong will go wrong? Growing up studying the entertainment business, the cancellation concept is not new to me. Artists get sick. They get hurt, or some unfortunate situation happens that they have to cancel a show. People drive out to the shows. They fly or they make plans, & they have to change.

Yes, it sucks. I understand that. However, think about this. In their news bulletin, I never got a hint of selfishness. They were not canceling for the sake of the band. They were doing it, because they were thinking of others. People were telling them they couldn’t make it, because of family. The fact that they understood family is priority is astounding.

They know how much family means to us Blockheads. Their main demographic are women who are mothers, wives, and those who are grown adults with families to take care of. NKOTB understands who their audience is, and as a student who’s studying Public Relations, that is a main priority.

So, ladies…. who are upset. Please note this. IT. IS. NOT. OVER. Paying things that are not refundable sucks. Yes, it does. However, use that as opportunity for a family vacation. Bring the whole family! I know it’s not possible for everyone, but don’t waste something you already planned for. Experience New York! Camp out for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. I know, not everyone can do it, but seriously God wanted you to go to New York for a reason, SO GO!

Finally, think about why they cancelled it. It’s not because they’re selfish. They did it, because they were thinking of EVERYONE. So many people could not make it. Block heads who were far away, or just block heads who had other engagements with loved ones. We ARE family. Block Nation is a family that I keep close to my heart. My family by blood is my first priority, but Block Nation means a great deal to me, and I think I am not alone when I say that. So, please enjoy the holidays with the people who it was meant to be spent with: FAMILY. Just know that 2012 is going to be better. As they so lovingly say, “IT GETS BETTER.” Even Joe is so notorious for saying, “Wait. It gets better.” With the North American Tour planned, more NKOTBSB tours in the work, and the cruise. It truly does get better.

Happy holidays with love,


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