Daily NKOTBSB Song Project Finale: @NKOTBSB


Song: “The One/Single” Mash Up W/ Elements of “Viva La Vida”

Album: (NO ALBUM- Specially produced track for the NKOTBSB Tour)

This past summer, my life completely changed. Sounds a little dramatic does it not? Well, maybe but it is completely true. What was amazing about the whole experience was that it was totally unexpected.  Usually at concerts, I scream, yell, cry, and act like a complete nut. I pay for the event, so might as well enjoy it. Something about the NKOTBSB concert just made me grin from ear to ear.

I loved the graphics, the lighting scheme, the stage set up, everything production wise. Production elements aside, it was what the acts themselves brought to the table that made the evening a spectacular event.

First of all, I think everyone knows at this point that I refuse to pay for a show whenever an artist does not sing well live. Many people would speculate that NKOTBSB cannot sing live, right? Just because they do their boy band act, right? Wrong. If you have not heard these acts live… Look them up.

AJ can belt with gusto better than most singers can. Nick has such a diverse range & he needs no studio tweaks to help create that unique sound. Joey, well… being a Joe girl I could say a lot of things, but I will say this… Joe — when you ask him to deliver, he delivers– BIG TIME. The unit as a whole gives it 110%, and it is all them.

Well, many have asked me in the past couple of months, what made me want to become a concert producer. It was this show right here, NKOTBSB. They had me at hello. The whole night was phenomenal. From that first second, I knew this was a night I was never going to forget.

First of all, whose genius idea was it to put “The One” & “Single” together, then back it up with “Viva La Vida?” That was so brilliant! The interweaving of the two tracks worked nicely, & the harmonies blended really well with “Viva La Vida” as the underscore. No matter how many times I watch this opening back, it gives me the chills every time.

I just remember that moment being nothing but pure euphoria. Hysteria aside, I enjoyed seeing such a huge smile on my best friend’s face. My heart was beating so fast, and the music took to me a place of joy. The best thing is — this was neither drug or alcohol induced. I had a blast, and music –their music– was the reason why.

So, for my song project finale I want to say this:

To everyone who has read these blog posts, I thank you. These songs created a lot of memories for me, and I want to be able to share my love of music with others. I am so glad that this blog has helped me to do that.


You guys, there literally are no words to tell you how much the New Kids mean to me. From sun up to sun down, my family makes me smile. For the past couple months, you have been such a daily part of my life that you feel like family. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have nothing but love for you.

Backstreet Boys:

Boys, if it were not for you, I would have never made it to the show. My best friend loved you so much she converted me into a Black & Blue Bsb sister. For all the memories, for all the love & laughs you have given me, I thank you. Keep spreading the joy to many, and I and I will be right here supporting you.

To everyone I met from this summer on thanks to NKOTBSB:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I know I am sounding redundant, but you have become like my second family. Whenever I was down, you picked me up. Whenever I was happy, you made my joy 10,000X better. In the words of Joe Mac, “Wherever it is Im goin to, whatever I am is because of you and I thank you. And I thank you.” For so much love, I thank you. Just know its a two way street– You give me love, and I give it back.

One group. One family. One awesome summer. NKOTBSB.


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