Have Hope in Something… Have Faith in Someone

“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” – Bill Rancic

Hardships are a packaged deal in life. In fact, life would not be life if everyone did not experience a hardship or two. The key difference that separates everyone is how we deal with those challenges.

The reason I bring this up is because I have been hearing lots and lots of complaints lately. Granted, I get cranky and complain too. So, yes I am guilty. However, like I said… it is how people choose to deal with those obstacles that define who they really are.

Re: Twitter

Ah, the lovely twitter…. Yes, I’m a twitterholic. However, what I am not a fan of is people begging for follows. Yes, I do ask for follows a lot. The difference is, I know when enough is enough. My timeline will get clogged up with people asking every 5 minutes for a follow, and sadly I am not exaggerating. Even more to the point, I cannot imagine what it would be like to see any “celebrity’s” timeline who is receiving those requests. It gets old and out of hand really fast.

I will see people say, “I’M SO DEPRESSED! (S)HE DOESN’T PAY ATTENTION TO ME! (S)HE IGNORES ME!” Reality check: these people do work for a living, and they not only work they have families also. Just because someone does not tweet or follow you, it does not mean the apocalypse is coming ASAP. Now, I have been in your shoes-Jealous of “the crazies” getting follows yet wondering why the hell they get followed and not you. Thing is you cannot give up. Disney says, “The way to get started is to stop talking, and start doing.” Whining gets EVERYONE ,not just you, nowhere. Whining and complaining are just two very annoying vocal things. Hell, even Donnie Wahlberg will call someone out and tell them to stop (I wish more people did that). Moral of the twitter story, if you want that follow bad enough, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Do not just beg, beg, beg, whine, whine, whine… Seriously, I promise you the person on the receiving line does not appreciate it. Get creative. Show off your talent. DO SOMETHING. Trust me, the more you let your passion and love show, the more the person is going to appreciate you and maybe follow/tweet you. So stop complaining and start doing!!

Life is not supposed to be easy. If things were simply handed to you on a plate, I am fairly certain you would be miserable. We are all given challenges to become stronger, better, and more understanding people. Yes, there are those who have fallen into very fortunate lives where “luxury” is inherited within the genes. However, success does not come without a price. No matter what difficulties you face, you must understand that it truly does get better. It takes a lot of hope and faith, but I promise you with all that hard work truly does come reward. It may seem like an empty promise, but like they say, “you never know until you try.” Walk with hope, have a little faith, and most importantly enjoy the ride that is life.


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