Larger Than Life Hangin’ Tough Moments: My Top 10 NKOTBSB Moments of 2011

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
~T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

Can another year be ending soon? It really is surreal to me how fast this year has gone by. Even with all the trials that I had to face, this year was one of the most incredible years I have ever had in my life! I want to thank everyone who’s been a part of it, and tonight I would like to give my personal countdown on one of the biggest turning points of this year: reconnecting with NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys for those who have not figured out the acronym). Alright, without further ado… LET’S GET THIS!

10. The Today Show Performance! 

This was the performance that really had me sold on wanting to see their show. The AMAs was exciting, but I still was really hesitant about seeing them. The “Today Show” however changed my mind. Their choreo was crisp. They had another solid live performance in addition to the AMAs and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. The hook that really got me was just seeing how fun it was. This was the first time I saw the crowd interact with the group since that was not really possible with the previous performances. NKOTBSB looked like they were having so much fun with with their fans, and honestly age has nothing to do it. Those boys perform bigger and better than they ever did in their hey day. I am certainly not saying that because I am biased. They truly bring it 100% each and every time.

9. NKOTBSB “Dancing With Stars” Performance

“Dancing With The Stars” is my home turf. No, I am not a professional ballroom dancer, but I do have a history of studying and dancing ballroom. Plus, “Dancing With the Stars” is where I found out about NKOTB. Joey was the first dance on the first season of the first show. He kicked it out of the gate long before 20 million viewers a week tuned in. If it was not for him, I would have never known NKOTB. They absolutely slayed it on the show! Live TV is not easy (trust me I know from being in front of it, and behind it is a major challenge). Major props on another successful performance of “D.T.O.T.L!”

8. A really sweet reply from Danny Wood! (NKOTB)

To some people, “thank you so much” may not seem a lot. Hearing it from Danny meant the world to me. The context of that tweet was so much bigger than anyone can imagine. I told him that I would wear my pink Survivor’s bracelet everyday to honor his mother Betty who died of breast cancer. Unfortunately, the bracelet wore out to me wearing it so much (a good thing right?). That does not mean that I forgot about Betty. Breast Cancer research means a great deal to me. Not just because of Danny and his very heroic efforts, but I really want to do everything I can to help end this horrendous disease. This year, I donated a contribution to the Susan G. Komen Fund, went to my University’s “Party in Pink” Zumbathon, and made it a goal to bring awareness to breast cancer research. So, just goes to show, something small can have big end results.

7. The Donnie Smile Tweet

Haha, Ddub getting in on the naughty tweet! 😉 He is one of the sweetest guys around. Not just virtually, but in person as well. Now, I have not met him, but just from word of mouth I know you cannot fake that kind of sincerity. I just find it funny how I sent him a bunch of “heartfelt” tweets, yet the one he replies to is me being naughty. What is it with those NKs liking us naughty girls? 😉

6. Getting not 1 but 2 NKOTB replies in one day! 

Haha, this totally made my day. Even though it was my older sister’s birthday, they still managed to put a smile on my face. And hey, thanks to that little tweet we started the “24/7/360” craze (Apparently 5 days of the year got lost in a sea of block heads). See, twitter may be twitter to some people, but just taking the time to say a little something brightens up my day. They really are sweet guys!

5.  Getting to see Joe Mac Powerslide (during “Please Don’t Go Girl”) in person!

The video speaks for itself. Vocals – gold. Emotion- gold. Powerslide, WTF? – amazing. Need I say more?

4. The infamous Jordan Knight peck on the cheek and hug! In addition to hand hold/ wink from Howie D and AJ from BSB.

Again, most people think, “Eh… so what… you got a hug. Big deal, not like they know who you are.” Correction. It’s not just a hug. Sure, yeah we’re not a first name basis, but hell it’s a frickin’ hug from a frickin’ New Kids on the Block. What was even better was that out of spontaneity, I decided to peck Jordan on the cheek when he hugged me & to my surprise he pecked back! Yeah, I maybe a Joe girl, but the man knows how to take a lady’s breath away! AJ and Howie were the sweetest during “Shape of My Heart!” Howie not only held my hand, but he also coyly gave me a wink. AJ was absolutely kind when he held my hand! This was not meant to gloat, but seriously those moments felt so marvelous that words cannot touch them. Whenever an act gets that close, its a rarity, and a very special thing.

3. Backstreet Boys Follow

We all fanboy/girl at one point or another. If anyone thinks they’re above it, I hate to be harsh, but they’re wrong. Stick someone they admire in front of them, I promise you in 5 seconds they’ll turn into putty. It’s only natural. Our society has built up so much hype on celebrity, when the honest truth his they’re just like us– human (only with bigger salaries). That being said however, I still completely lost it when Backstreet Boys followed me. How could I not? These boys were my childhood. They made me laugh before YouTube was in existence. They gave me karaoke jams, they were my soundtrack in the 90s. To have someone who’s a part of your history “follow” that’s a pretty big deal. It’s not just for bragging rights… It means so much more. Since they chose to become updated on your daily life, it’s almost like they chose to let you into theirs. It goes beyond fan/band.

2. Joe Mac Follow

For 7 years one man stole my heart, and he still has yet to give it back. True, there are other Blockheads who loved him longer, but considering the fact that I was not even born during the NKOTB reign, that’s pretty good. But it’s not about how long I loved him. Whenever you admire and respect an artist, it’s not about when you start… or how long you loved an act. The true meaning of being a fan is standing by their side day after day long after the spotlight dims away. I have no doubt in my heart, that for years to come this humble, sweet, kind, funny, lovable family man will be in my heart. That is why that follow has no value.

Finally… the BIG NUMBER 1!

1. THE NKOTBSB Concert 

All of this would not have been possible if were not for that show. Since I talked about it so much in my blog, I just want to say that one night was the catalyst for so many phenomenal things in my life. To NKOTBSB I thank them for creating a deeper bond between me and my best friend, introducing me to a plethora of amazing, caring, strong women known as the lovely BSB/Blockhead sisters, and being the most humble, caring, sincere, honest men I know. I never thought I’d get to meet men that remind me of my wonderful dad. Now, I have the privelege and honor of saying I know great men like him exist. They are the lovely NKOTBSB.

Cheers, and here’s to more mind blowing, larger than life, explosive things to come in 2012!


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