NKOTB Cruise Promo Treatmeant

NKOTB Cruise Promo Treatment

We start out with a big boat party in full swing. Almost as wild as the Jersey Shore, just not as trashy. We see the New Kids, not as the “chick magnets” they are, but as a nerdy crew who looks like they belong on the Star Wars cruise two ships over.

A sun-kissed, gorgeous bikini wearing young woman walks passed them and rolls her eyes with a snotty scoff. They cower, and glance over at the room she walks into. Donnie leads the group into the room to check out where the loud obnoxious party noise is coming from. They muster up the courage to enter and they walk into to find…

a massive concert with the “cool” version of the New Kids on stage. They drool at all the beautiful ladies dancing.

“Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO starts playing, and that ensues an even bigger raucous than before.

We transition to the cool New Kids showing the nerdy crew what the big block boat party is about!

Cool Donnie shows them his event on the cruise “Acting with Donnie 101.” A room is set up like a film set, and all the nerdy New Kids observe cool Donnie enviously as he acts out a romance scene with a stunning young lady.

They then proceed to cool Danny’s fitness class. They get even more envious than before, because this time cool Danny and his big buff muscles are conducting a class in scantily clad fitness gear. Doing very suggestive workouts such as squats and lunges.

We cut back to the party scene for the first chorus. The nerdy NKs try to shuffle, but they end up just breaking into horrible geeky dance moves like the sprinkler or the lawn mower. Jordan tries the running man, but he fails miserably.

Jordan takes the nerdy crew to one of his lido deck parties. They see him with the mic DJ’ing and having a blast. They try spinning the turntables, but end up stopping the music. Everyone gets upset, but thankfully cool Jordan saves the day.

The nerdy NK gang opens up a door to an auditorium. They see Jon and Joe hanging around some fans on stage for one of the big game shows. The fans seem very engaged and competitive. The game of “Hangin’ Tough” consists of the fan jumping onto the new kid and seeing how long they can hold onto each other. The nerdy NKs gawk and ponder on how that could be them getting body-to-body action on stage.

We arrive to the bridge of the song (“Step up fast and be the 1st girl to make me throw this cash…”). At this point, the geeky NKs feel defeated. Just when the given up hope, the cool NKs feel sympathetic and call in their expert hair and wardrobe team into an emergency makeover.

In slow motion, the geeks reveal their new looks and are all of the sudden beasts of the boat. They look just as jaw-dropping as the cool NKs.

Everyone returns to the scene of the party where everyone goes off the wall and wild.

We dissolve to a shot of the boat moving in the water, and written in the sand says: “We were here: NKOTB CRUISE 2012.”

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