Let Me Spell It Out For You– R-E-S-P-E-C-T

For the past couple of days, something has been bothering me… Usually I make an attempt at being an adult and letting it go, but trust me… I have to speak up. That’s why we’re given voices, right? To use them. 

So, let me ask the people who “JUDGE” others this: Why is NOT ok for someone to like something different? Why do their interests get judged when supposedly yours are far superior and therefore have no consequences? Well, let me tell you something… Speaking as a voice from experience, it hurts tremendously. 

Not everyone has to like football to be American. It’s not a law under the constitution. Not everyone has to drive a Mercedes to be considered “popular/cool” or whatever you kids are calling it these days. Everyone has a vast array of likes and dislikes. That is what makes interacting with others so neat: discovering things you never learned before, because someone else who is passionate about the subject can open your eyes. I love that, and it is how I got through all my classes. I enjoyed learning something new. 

Next time you are tempted to “pick on” or “make fun” of someone just because they like to dance, or they collect an unusual item reflect on this… YOU at one point or another liked something a lot of people frowned upon. Was it Pokemen cards? Dance? Power Rangers? Well, whatever it was do you remember that feeling you got in your stomach? That feeling of disappointment that someone teased you, just because they did not understand your side of the story… What if you like watching musicals because your family would watch them together? Or how about you like dance because your parents used to take ballroom lessons while they were dating? Everyone has a story. No one is superior than the other person. If you are still “judging” people based on their looks, their likes and dislikes…. well, I am sorry to say this, but you are acting extremely immature and you know what… all I have to say is GROW UP. Seriously, just let it go. Your buddy Ray likes to fish on the weekends even though he’s a hardcore businessman during the week. That’s cool. LET HIM DO IT. Making fun of someone else to satisfy yourself is elementary school behaivor… So get off the playground, act like an adult, and start respecting others. Cause one day I swear to you, karma is going to bite you in the …



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