The Adventures of Starting Phamily Productions: Week 1- “My Bright Idea”

Hi, folks!

My name is Stephanie Pham, & I am student at the University of Oklahoma. This semester I will be taking “Principals of Media Entrepreneurship” with the fabulous professor, Kathy Johnson. In this course, we will work week to week fleshing out a business plan and hopefully instilling confidence to launching our own business someday.

In our text book, Six-Week Start- Up by Rhonda Abrams, we have little “worksheets” guiding us week to week building a business plan. So this week, we introduce our idea. Without further ado, I present…

“My Bright Idea” 

“My Bright Idea”


  • What is your business idea? – My business idea is to own and operate a concert or live entertainment production company. The company will specialize in live entertainments locally first, then as it gains momentum I will look into partnering with touring companies such as AEG Live and Live Nation. Since I do have some production knowledge, I would love to grant acts more opportunities for more tour media. Being a part of the fan community, I know that dedicated followers crave for tour CDs and DVDs. Plus there are many out there, like me, who want to see what it took to make that event possible.


  • How did you come up with it? – Music has always had an important place in my heart, and the decision really happened last summer. Seeing Josh Groban’s Straight To You Tour was phenomenal. I loved how even though he had “grand scale” production elements, the concert was still intimate. Then, when I went to the NKOTBSB Tour stop that was when I knew this was the environment I wanted to work in.  It wasn’t about surrounding myself with “celebrities. “ The happiness I felt was the happiness I wanted to give to others later on. There’s nothing like a community gathering for night in the name of music.


  • What excites you about it? Like earlier stated, I want to share my passion with others. For several years now, I’ve been in those seats. I know what’s it to sit in the nosebleeds and the ground level. However, at live events it does not matter where you sit.  You paid (possibly a lot of money), to have a good time and to enjoy yourself with others. That is exactly what matters to me. I do not care about my salary. I just need enough to go the next day to do what I love. That is what excites me. Doing what I love, because if you do not love what you do, you are going to ask yourself: “Why did I choose to be miserable instead working really hard for something I love doing?” 

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