5 Reasons Why You Should Be Looking Out For Midnight Red

Ok, so maybe the iPod’s running out of new content… or maybe that local radio station you listen to plays that song a little too much. Well, if you’re hungry for new material to feast your ears I just might have the group for you: Midnight Red. So, who are they and why should you follow them?

Midnight Red are five young enthusiastic gentlemen who just want to do one thing: etertain you. Thomas Augusto, Colton Rudloff, Eric Secharia, Joey Diggs and Anthony Ladao comprise the group. Before you make any construde judgements that they are like every other boy band, take a look at why they are going to be taking over the airwaves soon.

5. They used social media to their advantage: For any group, it’s hard getting your name out there, but they managed something not a lot of acts can accomplish: a following. When I started following them on Twitter after the NKOTBSB show, they were over 1,000 follwers. After opening for NKOTBSB and working tremendously hard to let the world know what they are about, they are now offically verified and have over 25,000 followers on Twitter. Did I mention they have over 20,000 fans on Facebook? Social Networking can be such a powerful tool, and for them it helped grow a following which they really deserve. They aren’t your average boy band genetically engineered in a musical lab. They have a mature yet youthful sound, slick choreography, and an energy that is often missing in alot of today’s groups. So, yes, those followers and fans on Facebook are well deserved. I for one cannot wait to see those numbers increase.

4. Their track “One Club at a Time” was used for a routine for National Dance Day

So, turn the clock back to the summer. I was sitting in my room watching, “So You Think You Can Dance” and their track comes on. Of course, I was freaking out. How often is it that a band who hasn’t really gotten that much press get their song used on a major summer hit show? That’s right, not often. Being a lover of dance, I can testify that the routine was fun to learn… and let’s face it the track makes you MOVE! You can’t help but throw your hands in the air and party when you hear it. Plus, they’re pretty good dancers themselves. 😉

3. They Opened for NKOTBSB

OK, let’s break it down… NKOTB and BSB are two of the biggest pop acts in music history. They’ve sold over millions of records, have kept a dedcited following for over 2 decades, and they still perform like –wait stratch that — they perform EVEN BETTER than they did before. So, to bring on a new act to say… “Hey, they were me once…” is a pretty big deal. That was a pretty remarkable feat.

2. You’ll Like it Better than the BS on Your Radio Now

Ok, not to insult all music on the radio… but when I hear Top 40 stuff I think a lot of the times: “What the hell am I hearing?” Some rapper telling me to “Go stupid… go stupid… go stupid.” Seriously, dude with your music I think I’m getting there. So, yeah… not a whole lot of material out there makes you excited… Midnight Red’s a whole other story. They just want you have a good time, they want us ladies to feel sexy and respected. Instead of talking about what kind of thong a lady might be wearing, they just want to say “Hey, she’s sexy, confident, and I like that.” A girl wants to be complimented, not objectfied… so yeah, you could say Midnight Red’s a whole new game changer.

1. They’re gonna be HUGE headliners!

I can see it already. Big stage, pyro, lighting, the whole nine yards… why? 1) They work with hit producer RedOne (Responsible for creating hit gold for acts like Lady GaGa, JLo and a lot of other artists. 2) They’re incredible performers. In an age where we believe Auto-Tune is talent, they can actually (as we say in the industry), “back what they wax.” They sing and dance well live. So, there’s no doubt in my mind they can do it. They’ll be huge. Just make sure you’re there when they are. 😉 They’ll be taking over… “ONE CLUB AT A TIME!”

Facebook: facebook.com/midnightred

Twitter: @ItsMidnightRed


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