You Are Loved

Have you ever felt a little (or really) sorry for yourself, because you’re single? Don’t worry, I was there there once. Actually… a lot of times. You could say that I was a bitter, cynical, single woman who just envied couples. However, I do have a back story.

Guys have done everything from saying awful things behind my back, to bullying/teasing me, to just out right to try to physically hurt me. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of heart ache in any form.

Here’s the beautiful part… Everything that has hurt me, has made me stronger.  You have to find that frustration, anger, or whatever negative emotion you feel and put it towards positivity. The saying, “It’ll happen when you least expect it” is very true!

Just this morning, I was just planning on having a normal day. Read/study for class, go to class, go home. Today wasn’t going to be a “love fest” for me. I just wanted to celebrate the love I had for my family and friends.

So, I was sitting down getting ready to have lunch with my coworkers. My friend and I were chatting about SNL and BAM! I see this on my phone.

Of course, I was not expecting this! AT ALL! My friend thought someone had sent me something dirty, or I just had a mini heart attack in general. She asked me what happened, and I explained everything.

How one of my favorite groups was throwing a contest, and how I stayed up one night to submit something thinking that was it. Little to my knowledge, I’d get a huge smile on my face! 😀

I have to say this is by far the biggest gesture any guy has ever done, and Thomas don’t worry! 😉 I’m usually the one that says, “Man! This is hard putting yourself out there!”

So, moral of the story… Don’t give up. Kindness has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it!

Thomas: Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart and gentleman. It’s just what I needed. I really do feel honored seeing so many wonderful entries, and hearing how mine stood out to you. 🙂 It really means a lot!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love isn’t just for one day! Spread the love 24/7/365! Remember YOU are loved!


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