Midnight Red “Hell Yeah” Music Video Treatmeant

“Hell Yeah!” – Midnight Red Video Treatment

We open up on a contemporary yet simple LA Loft.  Colton is sitting on the couch in the living room staring at his cell phone, and yet he looks a little sad.

The other group members join him and ask what the problem is.  He explains that he met a beautiful, smart, and funny girl today. They seemed confused since that’s not really a problem. He goes on to tell them that she would be at this party tonight, but they don’t have tickets to it. They all laugh at him, because they’re thinking “Who needs tickets when you can crash a party?”

They arrive at the entrance of a very upscale, Art Deco designed ballroom. They’re wearing tuxedos and masks to fit the masquerade theme. The bouncer asks for their names. When he can’t find them on the list, Colton starts to panic.  Suddenly, a young lady on the event staff tells the bouncer they’re the entertainment.

They all look at each other confused.  Since the other entertainment got sick, they were going to perform. With confidence, they got on the stage to give the party one hell of a show.

The stage is rectangular shaped that audience members are standing around all four sides – mimicking a “theater in the round” atmosphere.  People are dancing along to the track from the bar to the upstairs’ VIP lounge.

During the bridge (“Turn out the lights… and lose yourself tonight…”) Colton spots his dream girl in the audience. She coyly flirts and runs off into masses of people.  He walks down the stairs from the stage and runs after her.

He sees a young lady in a similar dress run out the door. Broken hearted he makes his way back to the group when he feels a tap on the shoulder.  Colton reunites with the girl, and takes her to meet the rest of the guys.

We conclude on Midnight Red dancing & having fun in the crowd.

Fade out

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