If Midnight Red Was a Restaurant…

I believe that there at three universal languages: music, dance, and food.  Well, tonight I want to take you on a journey, and introduce you to the members of Midnight Red. However, I am going to introduce in terms that are massively relatable: food. Strange? Maybe, but hopefully you enjoy the journey and get find out more about this phenomenal band that is about to send the charts into a whole new dimension.

You decide to dine at the new restaurant called Midnight Red. When you first walk in, you are greeted by a welcoming, attentive and caring customer service. Midnight Red truly dedicates the time, making sure that if anyone invests any time in them they will make sure to give 100% if not more of it back.

The first item you will be dining tonight is the Joey Diggs Jr. Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer. Appetizers are the first impression of your whole experience. I could not think of a better way than to introduce to someone who is funny, charismatic, kind and personable. Why stuffed mushrooms? They’re flavorful, delectable, and robust. Vocally, Joe has a unique voice that is an attention grabber from the start.  In addition, you cannot help but notice the way he moves. Honestly, I see a lot of MJ in him. He is very slick with the choreo, but he is also very technically sharp. So, as the catalyst for the evening’s cuisine I think he is a great choice.

Now, before you move to the main dish you need a beverage, right? Well, can I suggest to you the Eric Secharia Wine?  Some might say he is more of a bubbly champagne. His voice however to me tells a different story. He has this silky smooth texture to it that brings a sort of ease to your listening experience.  His personality has this very wise yet witty feature about it. He has a bit of bite, because he is sharp & quipped. 😉 His humor, kindness, and goofiness makes you feel like you are talking to someone you’ve known your whole life. So as a companion to your meal you can always count on Eric.

For the side dish – the Colton Rudloff Roasted Tomatoes. Scintillatingly scrumptious and savory, this is the best compliment to your main entrée.  Musically speaking, he has these amazing stand out lead vocals. But whenever the group harmonizes, he adds this luscious quality to it. Plus it is not too overwhelming, and he knows balance well. Most of the time he is comical, but he is not a jokester 100% of the time.  He is nothing but supportive, and his vibrant personality will make your evening enjoyable from start to finish.

For the main entrée I selected the Thomas Augusto Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon. I wanted the main dish to be hearty, because Thomas has an alluring persona that is extremely hard to ignore.  Mr. Augusto also has a very tender side to him that many fans absolutely adore. No matter how busy he is, he manages to interact with the fans.  He adds a level of spice to group, because he is adventurous, and dare I say it mischievous. 😉 He sets a standard for musicians when it comes to his dedication, passion and soul for music. His voice adds a depth to the group, and considered a true treat.

Finally, for the dessert: Anthony Ladao Chocolate Chambord Cake. This mouth-watering, delightful, unearthly dessert will be the finishing touch that makes you revisit Midnight Red over and over again. His lower register brings a sweet and lively aspect to the overall sound.  However, it is his continuous acknowledgement of “ONELOVE” that makes the evening unforgettable.  We can always save room for love, and if done right can always leave you satisfied.

I hope you enjoyed your dining experience at Midnight Red, and I hope that you will see us again. 😉

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