Thank You Midnight Red!

It is so hard making this succinctly as possible when I have so much to say about these wonderful gentlemen.  This journey I have been on with Midnight Red has been so surreal, and I have been so grateful for every minute of it.

Nowadays, artists think they’re doing so much more for there fans since they have that immediate connection through Facebook and Twitter. True, but rarely do I see artists connect with the fans.  A lot of time, they really use those tools as a promotional purpose rather than as a means of personally getting to know their fans.  Midnight Red’s a whole different case.  They really let us know that not only do they appreciate our support, but these guys make an honest effort of learning more about the supporters on a more personal basis.

Not only are they just some of the nicest guys (Who else spends the night texting their fans?), they are extremely talented. With a new single about to drop, I cannot be any more proud or happy for these guys.

So, gentlemen… take this as a note of my deepest gratitude. You have not only shown me so much love these past couple of months, but you gave me some incredible friends along the way! (Shout out to Arriell, Sami, and Jessi for being such awesome sweet girls!)  Keep working hard, inspiring us #RedHeads, and never forget your roots.  Fame can be stripped away in seconds, but true talent is something no one can ever take away.

One Love,


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