All I Can Say is Sorry @ItsMidnightRed…

Dear Midnight Red,

Tonight was my one shot, and I blew it. For that I apologize profusely.  For almost two weeks, I had this meeting lined up with the LA Times Pop Music Critic, Randy Lewis. He’s been with the LA Times for more than 2 decades, and he’s been long time friends with my organization’s advisor.

At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to meet him. It broke my heart, because it was never about furthering me as a Concert Producer. My professor and I knew this would be an amazing opportunity to get MNR some exposure. If I made a solid pitch, I knew he would’ve at least considered writing a blog post in the LA Time’s “Pop Hiss” blog.

My advisor told me, to at least come by and say hi before the show I had to tape, and he would reserve some time for me.

So, for two weeks straight… I had this super brief but awesome pitch planned, telling him how you guys are about to dominate the charts. Especially since “Hell Yeah!” was about to be released.

Randy walks into the room, and I shake his hand… I introduce myself… I was about to make my pitch… but I thought “The man probably wants to eat… he’s been talking/ walking all around campus today.” So, as soon as I was about to pitch to him as he’s sitting down, the advisor takes over and we begin the session.

My heart sank. I knew I couldn’t stay, because I really had to run over to the film shoot or else my grade was going to be on the line since it was our first taping.

All I could do at that point was make sure he got the promo card I left behind. I was beyond upset. I wanted to personally pitch to him that these guys needed a story, because it would’ve given the situation a little bit more credibility.

But… good news is he does have the promo card I made! Hopefully that’ll be eye catching enough to drive him to your website, and maybe even get your booking info off of Facebook.

My deepest apologize gentlemen. I wanted this to work. I really did, but the way I look at it. There will be many more amazing opportunities ahead. For now I’m going to continue spreading the word like I have been doing.

Thank you for being so kind. Hopefully I won’t let you down again. When one door closes, another one opens.

Until next time,


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