Why Midnight Red’s WMYB cover Means So Much to Me

Since I already gave my reaction to Midnight Red’s cover in a vlog, I thought I would get a little “raw and organic” tonight in my blog – think of it as a reflection of their “raw,” “organic,” “bare bones” performance.

In order for music to really grab me, I must believe every word that the artist is singing.  With this particular performance, there is so much emotion and passion behind it I truly believe each word they sing.  Their rendition is so heartfelt and so genuine that all the wounds I felt of my past healed.

From a girl who for years had a hard time believing she’s beautiful, I want to thank you for making me feel beautiful with this performance.  There is no doubt that I am not the only young lady who felt beautiful watching this video.  Why? The sheer amount of love that is behind their voices gives 100% validity to their performances.

Joe – You know what I like about you? You remind me so much of MJ. One of my favorite songs of all time is “The Way You Make Me Feel.”  The way I feel listening to that song is the way I feel listening to your rendition.  A huge smile appears on my face, and I feel confident, sexy and happy.  Never stop being you, Joe. I love how big your heart is and really shows in this cover.

Eric – Could you BE any more of a sweetheart? Your part of the arrangement had this innocence and bashfulness about it that it was nothing but sweet. You may be a goofball, but you are truly kind and lovely. The parts you were given showcased your personality and heart.

Anthony – Mr. Ladao – aka Mr. Sexy Dirty Flirty… You made me smile with the way you kicked off the cover. Your motto of One Love runs deep with us RedHeads. Stay positive, keep up the love, and I cannot wait to hear your voice more.

Thomas –  Words cannot express how much your part reflects you.  You have so much flair and charisma on stage. However, what I see when I talk to you is just one of the nicest guys around. Out of all the guys I have ever known, you have one of the biggest hearts. Even if I might not think it sometimes, thank you for making me feel beautiful.

Colton – I am speechless. Like I said before you are my penny on a rainy day. Whenever I feel bad, I just read one of your funny tweets, see a obnoxious pic you posted, or what I love the most – hearing your incomparable voice.  The way you sing the second portion of the chorus to the end was just beyond breathtaking.  Like I said in my video, it felt like your singing to your sweetheart right there.  It felt so honest. Colt, you are not only talented, you are truly a gentleman. Keep it classy, and keep on being you.

Gentlemen, this performance fit you all to a tee. Unique, original, and honestly sweet. I look forward to hearing the record. Thank you for making all the RedHeads feel beautiful.


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