Midnight Red – One Step Closer to Takin’ Over!

Let me paint you a picture… It’s about 6:15am in my house. Everyone is sound asleep, and I just woke up. I do the usual check phone for emails, tweets, texts, etc.  “11 twitter text notifications?” WHAT THE?? Then I clicked on the link that would set the tone for the day…

Midnight Red early this morning (and I mean early) released their performance footage of “Body Talk” at the Guard a Heart event.

Excuse my language, but HOLY SH*T! This video is exactly what I was looking forward to when they announced they were releasing material. The editing is tremendous, the cinematography is excellent for concert footage, and the backstage interview really does a nice job of introducing the band. Not to mention the mix of the studio version and live audio is great!

I am one of the RedHeads who cannot wait for the future with MNR. With a single due next month, upcoming gigs, and supposedly a huge announcement tonight, the road ahead looks mighty fine. From a RedHead who has been there since day 1, this journey has been so surreal watching them grow and mature and gain success/ a follow.

So, please check out the guys YouTube account if you haven’t, and I will link you to all things MNR below. Have a great day, and to Midnight Red…

Keep on driving, keep on pushing, and keep on being the grounded talented gentlemen you are. We’re gonna kill it together! #ONELOVE #RedHeads


Twitter: @ItsMidnightRed


THOMAS AUGUSTO – @thomasaugusto

ERIC SECHARIA – @ericsecharia

ANTHONY LADAO – @anthonyladao

JOEY DIGGS JR. – @JoeyDiggs

Facebook: Facebook.com/MidnightRed

Web: MidnightRed.com

YouTube: youtube.com/MidnightRed

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