So Grateful to Midnight Red

How can a girl be so lucky? First not only do I have a loving family, group of friends, and a good education, but I also am so fortunate to have these wonderful gentlemen – MIDNIGHT RED in my life.

The whole reason why I aspire to go into the concert business is because there is nothing like that environment. For one night, everyone checks their troubles at the door and gather as a community in the name of music. Music unites people, it touches people, and also brings happiness.

For the past few months, I have gotten to know some tremendous ladies in the “REDHEADS” community. Whether it be on the Midnight Red Online team, or just the wide scope of supporters, these girls have had my back since the moment we said, “Hello.” If it was not for the boys, we would have never met. These ladies know what it means to be in a supportive fan base. They make being a RedHead a sisterhood.

Finally, the guys… not only are we blessed to hear your pure raw vocal talent (still have not gotten over the breathtaking WMYB cover), but you guys are such a supportive group. You understand that the relationship between the group of supporters and the artists is a two-way street. Thank you so much for the love, and know that the RedHeads will give it right back 110%.

From day 1, I have been a proud RedHead. No matter where life leads, the values you have instilled in me, the love you have given, and the inspiration you have given will always be with me.

Keep loving, keep showing the world your marvelous amount of talent, and keep us RedHeads in your heart.


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