Why Should You Look Out For Asher Monroe

So, one night I am chatting with a friend, and she reminds me of a boy band from a few years back – V Factory. It’s been awhile since I last heard anything from them.  At that moment, I went “OH, YEAH! OH, MY GOSH! I REMEMBER THEY CAME TO CITY WALK  OKC AND I WANTED TO GO!’ Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

Anyway, I look up their music video for “LoveStruck” and something about Asher catches my eye. So, I wonder if he was up to anything lately and boy he did not disappoint.

I immediately follow him on Twitter, and watch his “Hello Baby” music video. I am so highly impressed. The black and white element reminds me of the good ole’ Film Noir genre, and the record was great itself. Loved the ear-worm worthy chorus and it was something different- not like every pop record I hear on the radio.

Since then, I’ve been doing more and more research on Mr. Monroe’s material and I continually become more and more pleasantly surprised. His versatility is astounding. He can tear an upbeat record w/ tracks likes “Back For More, “So High” and “Every Night.” However, the next minute he can melt many hearts with that sweet crisp clear falsetto in ballads like “Like I Do,” “Only Imagine,” and “Out of Sight.” With so many artists using production, autotune, and so much more studio aspects we’re losing that raw vocal talent in the industry. Well, Asher has that raw talent. It definitely shows.

A couple nights ago, I watched his full set from the Ann Arbor stop in the DigiTour online. Man, I was blown away! I was not expecting him to do an acoustic set. Speaking as someone who absolutely loves acoustic sets, I loved every minute of it.  His version of Robin Thicke’s “Pretty Lil’ Heart” – unbelievably sexy. Great flip on the “Every Night” record… The way he slowed it down was so sultry, but the best part was that it showcased his vocal ability. Point of the story – this kid has a voice, and I’m so glad he’s not hiding behind it.

Extreme amount of talent aside, I love how down to earth Asher really is.  He has no attention seeking presence on stage, he is really sweet and interactive with the crowd. Not only on stage, but I see tweets where the Monroses (his fanbase) say they’ve met him on the tour and he was nothing but a gentleman to them.

Reading his words of wisdoms on Twitter, I find it hard to believe that it’s an act. You can tell he loves music, and he’s grateful for every opportunity that comes his way. To find an artist like that is a true rarity.

So, the take away from all of this? Support great music, but more importantly support the phenomenal musicians behind it. Entertainment is so embedded in our culture that we need the upstanding people to be at the forefront. We need to be inspired, and you know what? Asher Monroe has definitely inspired me.

4 thoughts on “Why Should You Look Out For Asher Monroe

  1. Hey great blog post! That was my YouTube video, glad you enjoyed it. His performance was really outstanding. Love him! He definitely is an inspiration and he DEFINITELY is a gentlemen. Nicest guy I’ve ever met

  2. Did you see him in the remake of “Fame”? I loved his solos so much, and you’re definitely right: he’s one to look out for! Hope he’ll become more popular, especially in my home country Germany. 🙂 Greetings from Berlin! Btw: great post, like your writing!

    1. Hi, Karo!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Yes, I did see the remake of “Fame!” This weekend for the first time actually! He did such an excellent job.
      I find incredibly amazing that you’re from Germany! Thank you for your kind words. Writing is a hobby of mine, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      Best of Luck to You!

      1. Well, I read Asher’s tweet about your blog post, and thought I should have a look at it. 🙂 I’m also a blog owner (unfortunately it is written in German, so you probably won’t understand a thing… ^^), so I know that you are always craving for new comments. 🙂 That’s why I always try to share my thoughts on blogs, no matter how small and minor they are. Especially when the post deals with such an excellent singer/actor.

        Take care!

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