The World Needs a Ballad…

Anyone would have laughed… In fact, I think a couple of people may have, but to me it was a special moment- my first slow dance.  Senior Prom – 2008.  Although I was unaccompanied by a date, I still had an amazing time w/ my group of friends.

As I am about to leave, the song “I’ll Be Missing You” by The Police comes on. I turn to my friend (who’s 6’4″, I’m 4’10”), and I ask him, “Would you like to dance?” He takes my hand, and at that moment I got a taste of my first slow dance.

Like I said, due to the height difference a few people are laughing, but I don’t care. I am smiling from ear to ear.  It felt so sweet and romantic. Even if we were both platonic friends, we just forgot the world for a minute and moved with the music. Moments like that were thanks to two things – slow dancing and great ballads.

In Wong Fu’s latest short film two young teenagers create their own magical moment, because the DJ didn’t play any slow dance songs at their prom. The commentary they produced on our current musical climate is so true. Ballads seem to be a dying breed falling short to hardcore bump and grind records.

Now, I agree with what Philip said in his blog post. There’s nothing wrong with a dance record. However, that moment when two people just sway to nothing but the sound of a love song seems to be a memory of yesterday.

The writing was a little campy for my taste, but it was still eloquent enough to make the message meaningful. Cinematographically speaking, the shots were fantastic! It moved the narrative along beautifully. The location and lighting were absolutely stunning, definitely made the romantic feel that much more sweeter.

Overall the short film was fantastic, but more importantly I agree we need more slow dances and ballads in the world. Instead of people telling us to “DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! GO STUPID! GO STUPID,” we need a good record with a story. A story of love and friendship.

So, I’ll pass on Philip’s message, because I agree with it – Whenever you get the chance, no matter where you are, no matter if there’s a slow song on or not, take that chance and slow dance with someone, because you never know when your next dance will be.

“Remember you laugh again, you will love again, and you will dance again.”


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