Why I Chose Asher Monroe to Launch Phamily Live Entertainment

Choosing the artist that I want to launch my company (Phamily Live Entertainment) with is one of the hardest decisions I encounter formulating my business plan.  I have been so fortunate to interact with a multitude of artsits who have showed me so much support in chasing my dreams. After much deliberation, I named Asher Monroe as the first artist I would partner up.

One of the first reasons why I selected Asher was because he has pure and raw vocal talent.  One of the core goals is to find artists who are not hiding behind lots of production, autotune, and lip-syncing. This gentleman can sing. No scratch that – he can SAAAANG. The difference between singing and SAAAAANGING is the second one cannot be taught. To make the lyrics come to life, you must feel and believe them. You must also have passion behind them. With every performance I have seen of Asher’s, he delivers 110% every time.

For me to partner up with an artist, they not only have to be vocally talented, but passionate about their work. That means being 100% committed to their craft, and not just singing for the fame and money.  From the writing, recording, to even shooting the music video process Asher puts his whole heart into it. The even more incredible fact that just astounds me is how interactive he is with his fans.

Asher takes the time to read all the comments on his Facebook, he meets the Monroses (the name dubbed for his fan base), and overall takes a lot of time out of schedule to give back to the people who support him. Seeing that level of interaction today is extremely rare.

Bringing and connecting artists and supporters on a more meaningful level is another cornerstone value of my company. Continuing on in the future, I would love to have more artists like Asher on my team, because they truly care about the people who have been on the journey with them. Even though this is just an Entrepreneurship class project, I take the mission of connecting artists and supporters very seriously. Music is such a universal language and has helped so many people. So, why not try harder in bringing those people together?

I would be deeply humbled and honored to work with Mr. Monroe. Proud is an understatement of how I feel about the road he has taken to get to where he is today. It takes so much work to accomplish a dream, and I know more amazing things are heading Asher’s way.

All I ever wanted to do was make my family proud by being successful at doing something I love. Seeing Asher chase his dreams, definitely has inspired me to work hard and chase mine. So, hopefully one I will able to say the words, “Asher, here’s to creating a mind blowing show. Welcome to Phamily Live Entertainment.”

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