Music, Music…Wherefore Art Thou Music?

Right now I should be working on my presentation, but something bothered me to the Nth degree that I could not shut up. I had to write about it. So, here we go.

Whilst on my late night spree last night trying to cool down after shooting the last episode of “Quiztopia,” I was going through YouTube and I stumbled upon a performance of a group that shall remain nameless for the sake of their reputation.

First of all, I knew this was going to go downhill fast. The first clue: they were lip syncing. LIP SYNCING? If you must know, I hate lip syncing in a live performance. I understand if your number is dance heavy, however my question is what are the people paying for when they see a show? To hear a recorded track and not you personally? If they wanted to hear the track they have it on their iPod, so why lip sync? Anyhow, yes… Lip syncing = not good.

The next clue that lead me to believe this wasn’t going to end well was that you could clearly tell they were lip syncing. Missing the cues for the lyrics, and whenever someone walked up to the camera, you heard no vocals at all.

Ok, the moment that really gave it away… Their music player blew a fuse. DUN. DUN. DUHHHH. The moment of truth. Were they going to let it affect them or continue to give people what they want? Sadly, they gave up. First of all, this clearly gives it away to the audience that they were lip syncing. No, not using a back track – full on lip syncing. If you don’t want to continue even acapella, then what are you saying vocally? We need the music or else people could tell we don’t have talent?

This really got my blood boiling. Here’s an act whose with a major label, and yet others… scratch that plenty of other people with enormous talent are waiting to be heard. Here they are just living in the lime light while people with raw vocal talent wait on the side lines.

So, my question – Music,Music Wherefore Art Thou, Music? Shakespearian translation – Music, music why are you music? Yes why are you music? It has so much power for a variety of reasons, but look where we are right now. Look at the Billboard charts… Look at what’s making the top….

It really just aggravates me that there’s so much talent to be discovered, and yet people who prance around with no vocal ability think they’re “the” just because they look pretty. Well, honey looks may get you somewhere in LA, but if you don’t have talent… Then, I’m sorry looks are not going to last too long.

So, not to drag this on any longer, I just wanted to say I have been so fortunate to meet and interact with incredible artists, who have proven to me that they are true showmen. That when someone calls them up to the stage, they deliver with heart, soul and most importantly passion. That’s what I love about music. The studio version of a track can be your companion with you when you most need it, but there’s nothing like a live show. The crowd, the sense of community, the vibrant and energetic atmosphere. We as fans love it. You know what? That’s also what artists live for. They love seeing the faces of the crowd light up. They love hearing the audience sing back their songs. It’s all about the sense of love and passion uniting within a common bond.

So, my call to action for you? Support the artists you love. If you see that they do have vocal talent and can deliver a show… BUY THEIR RECORDS! If they’re in the area and you can afford to see them, do it! I’m so passionate about music, because it’s been a major part of my life. So… let’s bring back what we love about music. Let’s create legends like The Beatles and MJ again. Let’s all unite in the name of music.


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