“Sooner Idol” – A Taste of My Future

Judging from the title, it looks like I tried out for my University’s singing competition. However, because I am a part of the Producing and Directing for Multicamera Production course at OU, I got to be a part of the crew for the University of Oklahoma’s “Sooner Idol.” Well, let me tell ya… It was quite the adventure…

Starting from 7am this morning, I woke up and got ready since crew call was at 9.  Once I arrived, we loaded up gear and headed over to the auditorium.

After fighting a broken elevator (Oh, yeah that’s extremely fun when you have tons of heavy equipment), figuring how to run a logical and organized cabling system, and making sure all the equipment worked we were ready to go after a break.

Everything was in place, and it really dawned on me… Holy cow, I wasn’t producer, but we’re really doing this.. We’re putting our video out to television – LIVE. The thought of this being a smaller scale version of something I was going to do in the future really hit me.

So, I had two crew duties tonight… Audio Assistant and Floor Manager. Basically, audio assistant was just warning audio engineer of what was up next. Floor manager let our director know when to wrap up the performance, and what was happening with the talent.

To be quite honest, I was not really looking forward to working the event. Only because I had about a million other things to do this weekend to prepare for “dead week” next week. But, looking back on it overall… I really have to commend our crew.

We started our day at 9am and ended our day at 10:30pm (seems long, but on a normal production those hours actually look like nothing). We really communicated well and worked hard together to put out a high quality end product.

Not to sound egocentric, but I think we did fairly well. It was all in thanks to our teamwork, and working together smoothly. No egos, no dramas, no fights, just cooperating. Big props to our lead producer David. He’s a grad student who has to juggle a family, school, and work. So, this huge project was no easy task, and he was such a terrific leader.

Once again shout out to the whole crew. It was really great to work with you guys, and you made it fun.

Shout to the University of Oklahoma Programming Board President Farley and his team. They really put on a wonderful event. I thought you found some great musicians, and handled the structure of the event well. Kudos to the Sooner Idol head coordinator Patrick McSweeny. It was a pleasure to be a part of the show, and thank you for a little sample of what my line of work is going to look line later on.

You know, graduating soon really makes me think of all the wonderful opportunities I have been blessed with. I didn’t think this would be one, but it was. The take away? Never regret- and take every opportunity you can. No matter the outcome, you learn something and take it with you for the future. Take the opportunities, and look ahead to great future.


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