Pip- A Talent in a Class of His Own

Pip – Talent In a Class of His Own

In the competitive world that is music, artists must find their “special sauce” if they want to stand out. Aside from his impeccable taste in fashion, Pip Arnold certainly is in a class of his own.

I remember seeing Pip on The Voice for the first time. Something inside told me that he was going to blow me away. The minute he started singing “House of the Rising Sun,” that was it. Consider me a Pipster .9 milliseconds in. The massive range he showed in his vocal, and the character he gave to the record was dynamic!

If that performance didn’t take away a majority of my air supply, his battle with Nathan Parrett did. Amy Whinehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” is not an easy choice of song, and Pip killed it. There was so much emotion behind his vocals that he told a story with his performance. I have not been able to stop watching (and listening) to his rendition ever since (Yeah, don’t ask my iTunes what the play count is on that track).

Pip gets on that stage, and I am more than impressed. There is extraordinary quality about him. Unlike other musicians, he sings with this enormous amount of soul and passion that he breathes life into each song he performs. That not only gets me excited as a listener and viewer, but it makes me relate to the songs that much more.

As much I would have loved to have seen his full journey on the show, I was extremely busy with school. It disappointed me to hear that Adam did not keep him around, but I heard in an interview that he gets a whole host of exciting opportunities right now and I could not be happier for him.

Beyond his breathtaking talent, one thing that really grabs my attention about Pip is his desire to better the community. A lot people in the entertainment industry do use their status for good. However, many times people often wonder if their intentions are in the right place. With Pip, you can see that he takes his gratitude for his blessings, and applies them where he feels is needed. I know his foundation, Youth In Mission or YIM, means a lot to him, and I hope that the fruitful career he is going to have blesses him with the chance of helping out many.

As mainstream continues to let technology create superstars, I appreciate Pip staying true to who he is and his outstanding vocal ability.

Pip, I cannot wait for all the fantastic things in your future. Continue to share your gift with the world, and the world will continue to listen. Thank you for your being so great to #TeamBowTie and the #Pipsters. Continue to dream, and most importantly continue singing from the heart.


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