#20ThingsAboutMe In One Easy List

I didn’t want to spam my followers, so here is my list of #20ThingsAboutMe! Enjoy!

1. Family is my Number One priority

2. I graduate in a year with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcasting and Electronic Media from the University of Oklahoma.

3. I am a dog person, not a cat person

4. I recently fell in love with Pip from the Voice. I saw his audition a little after it aired, but since I’ve been so busy with school, I put the show on the back burner. The gentleman has my heart for sure!

5. Everyone knows I am a MAJOR foodie, but my favorite food in the entire world is my mom’s Pho.

6. I want to travel more.

7. I wish I had phenomenal vocal chops. I’m a female version of William Hung at best.

8.I LOVE concerts! Doesn’t matter if it’s a big arena show or small intimate venue, I go to one to one to have a good time.

9. I am a part of the Midnight Red Online team. The ladies graciously invited me earlier this year to contribute on the media side. It’s been a honor and great experience being a part of the team.

10. I plan on getting my Master’s in Entertainment Business

11.  I have gotten to know some incredible friends through music (S/O to Jessi, Ariell and Sami! My home girls!)

12.  Heights, Roller Coasters, Snakes, are just some of my fears.

13. If music isn’t a part of my daily routine I go nuts

14.  My first trip to Disney World was when I was 20, and I’m dying to go back with my family.

15.  Beyoncé is a major role model to me. She is an incredible performer, but the way she is so hands in the creative process really inspires and impresses me.

16.  I am a major behind the scenes junkie. Whether it be music, film, television… I am so addicted to finding out what makes things tick and how things are done.

17.  I’m 22 yet I’ve never had my own room. Even now.

18.  I get very defensive when people think Oklahoma still lives in the era of horse, buggies and tipis.

19.  I am all about variety. Nothing’s fun if there’s no diversity

20.  “Good Life” by OneRepublic is my theme song. They are hands down my favorite band.

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