Kickstarter – A Gateway to Dreams for Most

This afternoon I found out my favorite artist from the hit show, The Voice – Pip, is launching his own Kickstarter page. This is such a magnificent opportunity for him! He’ll be able to be in 100% creative control of the project (which is to make his debut album).  He’ll get to see HIS vision come to life.  As much as I would love to continue on about why I think this is marvelous for Pip, he did such an eloquent job of explaining about why this is a great opportunity on his Kickstarter page. So, please check out the link on the bottom.

I found out about Kickstarter in my media entrepreneurship class and the minute I heard about it, I thought this is exactly what we should be doing! Kickstarter is a website for crowd sourcing for those who are looking for funding/backing. The investments can go to areas of film, television, music, food, art, dance and a lot of other areas.  Crowd sourcing is when family, friends, and even strangers who believe in certain projects can contribute to things like making records,movies, and food trucks.

Why do I believe this is great? Well, for one artists, filmmakers and other creative minds are having more opportunities to have more creative control. I really think that is so vital in today’s entertainment industry. Going to a major record label or big film studio can be appealing, and that can lead to huge career advances.  However, that takes a lot of time and money.  Sometimes, just getting to them can be the hardest thing as well.

Another reason why taking this route of crowd sourcing is important, is because the content we are receiving today. Just earlier this afternoon, I went on a drive with my sister and literally heard a track with the lyrics “going up and down like a stripper’s booty” on the radio. I love a good dance record as much as the next person, but REALLY? I love music because of the stories. When a song I can relate to comes on, it makes me feel better no matter what mood I am in. We need to stray from the “mindless” material and start letting artists make the music they want to create. Same goes for film and TV.  Out of 300+ odd channels, you see stuff like “Love in the Wild,” or “Jersey Shore,” or “16 and Pregnant.”  I have a 14 year old sister, and this is the stuff I KNOW her age group is watching. Even if their parents ban them from it. Whatever happened to the things you listen to or watch that makes you go “YEAH, THAT MOTIVATES ME! I WANT TO LIVE OUT MY DREAMS! I WANT TO GO OUT AND DO THAT!”

Having things like Kickstarter is exactly what we need. You might be thinking, “Why do I need to fund another generation of divas and pretentious rich people that do not need my money?” Newsflash-not all people in the entertainment world are like that. Pretty soon, hopefully with a degree, I will join them in the music industry. There are genuine people like Aurora  Guerrero who’s film that was 100% funded on Kickstarter made it to the Sundance film festival. That is not the amazing thing though. Her film, Mosquita y Mari, was set in a tough Latino community. The funding of her film helped give kids who would otherwise be getting into some serious trouble on the streets participate on the film crew. It brought together a community of believers and dreamers. People like Jordis Unga, another The Voice alum, who millions found out about her incredible voice. She started a Kickstarter like Pip to fund her first record and now has more than $53,000 towards the project. And there’s Pip. He is so talented, I really believe that he deserves this opportunity. This chance of not having people tell him what to do, but to go out there and just make HIS music the way he wants to. So, let’s do this. If you’re an artist, filmmaker, chef, or other creative mind check out Kickstarter! Learn how this wonderful page can help make dreams a reality. And please check out Pip’s Kickstarter page. If you don’t know who he is, just watch this video –>

and prepared to be amazed. You’ll know why you want to contribute to help launch this gentleman’s career. This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The time has come to use our voice to tell the world what creative works we want to see. This is where dreams come to life and inspire not just one person, but many. Let’s do it. Let’s make the world move! And it all starts with a kickstart.

Pip’s Kickstart page 

Pip’s Site:

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