Pip – He’s Bringing Bow Tie Back Along With Vocal Stardom

In the words of great music icon John Legend, “There are 7 billion voices out there. Very few of them are unique and special.” When Pip ,20, came onto with The Voice‘s stage his originality shined through. Pip captivated audiences giving modern panache to the classic “House of The Rising Sun.”  His charisma and talent made all  four judges on the show vie for him to be on their teams. Coming from Marietta, Georgia, it would take a lot of sweat equity to make it to the big stage. Lucky for him Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, coached Pip on one of the world’s largest vocal stages.  Pip went in week after week showcasing his vocal versatility, making it all the way to Team Adam’s Top 4. He continued to charm the viewers building the large fan base known as Pipsters and Team Bow Tie. Although there was a cacophony of  heartbreak from the Pipsters when he was eliminated from the show, things have not slowed down. Pip is now working on making his debut record. Similar  to his mates from The Voice, he started a Kickstarter to fund the project. Melodies have been plucked out on the piano, and songwriting has been brewing. It looks like this young gentleman will be serving up some delicious ear candy in the near future.

What was the appeal for you to audition for The Voice? Was it the blind auditions where the judges could focus on your vocal abilities unlike other singing competitions?

 I think the thing that drew me the most to The Voice is that the coaches were all vocal powerhouses themselves. I knew that even if one coach turned around and picked me I would be working with a truly amazingly talented vocalist and musician and that the learning experience of that was priceless. The show also just seemed much more real and about talent then it was about making drama or trying to put the funniest act on TV while cutting the act that actually was superior. The show had standards and class and it really draws in a different level of talent and type of artist than some of the other shows.

What was it like transitioning from  small intimate gigs to a big stage like The Voice?

It was insane! I mean I’ve always thrived from being on stage and performing for people, but this is another whole level of things. I went from singing to 15 people at a coffee show to singing for over 15 million people every week, and it was just the best and most terrifying experience to go through each Monday. I would say the production and being around people who knew what they were doing and could help you out in any way you needed made the whole thing a much easier transition though!

For those who couldn’t tune into the live stream or weren’t able to make it, tell us about performing at the After Party and how did you enjoy the backstage StageIt show.

The After Party was fantastic! We got to see so many of the people that you saw on Season 2 this year really get to show off their true colors and just shine up on that stage. People were in their element and in their zone and it was so inspiring to see that I have gone through this journey with such amazingly talented people. The StageIt show was interesting because I had never done it before and it is just such a cool concept! Getting to do a show for virtually an unlimited audience because of streaming online is just such a cool tool that is now available to artists and performers and it is something that I am so excited to utilize in the future!

During one of the live performance weeks, you said you’re an artist who dabbles into a lot of different genres.  What advice would you give artists who are maybe looking for that spice of variety or who have a tendency to stick to a certain genre?

I really don’t think that there is anything wrong with sticking to one thing. Especially if you are really good at it. Me personally I just get really into lots of different things and can’t physically tie myself down to one. But there are TONS of people out there who are genius with what they do and only stick with that. As an artist you should never try and do something just because other people are telling you it’s what you need to do. You really have to do what you know you want to do and you know you’re good at or else it just isn’t the same.

 You recently started a Kickstarter. What was the big push for you to create one, and what has the reception been like for you?

The Kickstarter is going great! The big push was that I have gotten this large group of fans and I want to be able to put out something worthy of them. In order to do that, I need money unfortunately. Production costs these days are ridiculous and just getting everything together before going into the studio costs money in and of itself, so hopefully with everyones help we will be able to raise all the money to fund the whole thing and have an amazing album come of it! The reception has been great! People are hard at work doing fundraisers and such and I couldn’t be more loving and proud of my fans!

In what ways did Adam Levine help you as a vocalist? Was he a constructive criticism coach or a more laid back one?

Adam was DEFINITELY a more constructive criticism coach. He wanted us all to do our best and would not hold back if he didn’t think we were. It was great working with him because he showed me how to get passionate with my music and not just worry about the technicality all the time. He taught me to completely lose myself in the music and I think that is something that most people don’t remember to do, and is something that is crucial to making really great music.

I am so amazed by the massive and incredible fan base you have of #TeamBowTie/ #Pipsters. Is it still surreal to see the day-to-day outpour of support?

Oh absolutely! Every day I get tons of  tweets and posts about things and people are retweeting me. It’s just crazy to think that people are interested in my life. I am so amazingly grateful for them all, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes all of us together, and hopefully we can add some more people on the way! 🙂

This question comes from a fellow Pipster, Emily Carter. She’s interested in knowing what kind of activities/mission work does YiM do & where do you all go? Have you ever been on a mission trip?

I have been on several mission trips, yes! All just domestic, around the country helping out in places that need it. Youth in Mission (YiM) doesn’t specifically send people to one place because our goal is to help youth really just be able to afford to go on these trips and not have to worry about finances. They should be focused on the work and what they need to do to get that done, not have to worry bout transportation costs or material costs or anything like that. YiM is focused solely on giving them the opportunities to help and not having to worry about anything but doing that.

The next one comes from another Pipster, Hannah Youngblood. She wants to know from the exposure of The Voice, have any labels approached you for record deals?

Well the thing is, it’s a common misconception that just because you get signed means you have “made it” in the industry. For now, I really am looking at self producing everything until I can get a big enough following and sell enough that I won’t get lost in a big label and not be able to do what I want to with my music. So for right now, nothing on the label side. But the album is still coming out! And you guys should get excited for that! 🙂

Following the “six word memoir” formula,in six words, what has life been like post –The Voice. 

I love these! Let’s see… “Craziness unlike anything I could imagine.” There ya go!

Check Out Pip’s New Song “Just Today!”

Pip’s Website

Pip’s Kickstarter

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