My Dream Date With Marshall

Well, in your fantasies and daydreams you are supposed to go all out.  To be perfectly honest, I am a gal of modest means. So, what would my dream date with my dream man “Marshall” be? Let the adventure begin…

So, I normally do not wear makeup and gussy up.  However, I love a good excuse of getting dolled up!  😉

Being a huge foodie, food has to be a part of the date. It is essential. The choice of dinner? My favorite restaurant in the whole world: Kim Son Asian Cuisine in Houston, Texas. Why? My family makes an annual pilgrimage to Houston, and that is always a part of it. It’s a part of my familial history, and very much of who I am.

Wardrobe: For me I would wear a red chiffon cocktail gown.  Hair would be straightened, and make up would be light with a bold red lipstick.

For him: He’d be in a white dress shirt, untied black bow tie around the neck, black skinny jeans and black dress shoes.  I kind of have a weakness for untied bow ties around the neck.

We’d enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant, then afterwards we’d drive around and check out downtown Houston. I love it. You know, it doesn’t take diamonds or glam to impress me.  Just seeing that night sky with the beauty of gleaming buildings and people walking around enjoying the evening air. Nothing could make me happier than just taking that in and holding the hand of someone I care for very much.

We’d finish the night at an abandoned piano bar. He and I would mess around with a couple songs, and I would LOVE to sing my favorite duet song, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. After talking and getting to know each other, we would bid each other adieu.

In reality, dream or real life, that’s all that matters. You have to care for that person.  No matter what, the thing that makes something amazing beyond your dreams is you finding that somebody who surprised YOU.  The person who you never expected to take your breath away.  When you find that special someone, no matter what your dream date is, nothing matters but you being with that person.

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