Going Back to My Roots – Michael Bublé and How He Inspires Me to Be A Concert Producer

Last night I watched 2 Michael Bublé concert documentaries, and it just confirmed those goals of entering the live music realm for me.

Many artists have been my focus over the years, but I love how Michael Bublé has always been a part of my listening habits. Once I think about, Michael’s the only artist in my collection of whom I have all studio albums in hard copy. Plus 2 Live DVDs, a tour shirt, and a baseball cap.

Beyond the physical things, there is something so sentimental about Michael to me.  He was my first big arena show. March 8th, 2008.  An evening I’ll never forget. A night of fantastic music, surplus of laughs, and I got to enjoy it all with my best friend. What I also loved about the show was even though there over 12,000 people in the seats, he made us feel right at home. There was an interaction and intimacy unlike what a lot of other artists do at their shows. He loves his audience, but another thing that amazed was how caring he was to his touring crew/family. Very rarely do you see an artist who involve themselves with the people that help make his shows possible each night. He was so dedicated to everyone – from lighting, to production, and even security. It is so refreshing to see an artist that loyal to his crew.

To see how far Michael’s come has made me so inspired. Before he went onto sell millions of records, top the Billboard charts, and win Grammys he planned that one day he would be doing what he is doing right now.  He saw himself performing at arenas, playing all over the world, and he even told his musical director, Alan Chang, that he would book Madison Square Garden one day. That Michael did. His final night on a 2-year world Call Me Irresponsible tour, he sold out MSG in an hour and half.

Josh Groban may be my first musical love, but Michael Bublé will always be a source of inspiration and motivation. There was a moment in his Michael Meets Madison Square Garden where he got a little choked up at a famous club in NY called the Blue Note. The moment just hit him how far he has come. From the Blue Note to MSG. He made it. All the sweat equity he put into his passion and fervor for his career paid off.

Seeing moments like that just makes it all the more clear I was made to be in this world. Watching how not only music, but how live music brings a community together and pushes people to reach their dreams is extraordinary. There is no question I will get there, because like Michael I have the ambition and drive to push me there. Once I do achieve my dreams, I will thank my family, friends and  tremendous artists like Michael.

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