Caleb McGinn – Midwestern Songster with Soul

Music with stories compel me. I love it when I can hear a piece of my life set to a melody.  That was a major draw for me when I listened to Caleb McGinn. Even though original material did not happen until recently, McGinn still hits home with his tracks. Like his track, “Girl of My Dreams.”  Everyone relates to that familiar desire for their ideal person. Either that or they related to it when they were looking for their perfect person. 😉 With a heartwarming tone to his voice, and a knack for audibly pleasing guitar melodies, Caleb McGinn proves he has a raw organic talent that cannot be taught. It is skillfully developed and perfected.

Your music transcends beyond just melody and word.  Are you of those artists who only write when something impactful and inspirational hits you?

Yeah, for the most part. I definitely have to be inspired to write something.  I’ve tried sitting down to make myself write stuff, but it hasn’t always worked out the greatest.  I generally have to have a certain feeling or message I want to share, usually from personal experience, for me to write a song!

In today’s mainstream music, do you think we lack content that makes us think or motivates us?

Yeah, a lot of pop music tends to just run together these days, but every now and then you will still find a great song that comes out of the mainstream circles.  Afterall, that’s still the most popular kind of music!

You have a soft spot for playing college shows. Do you think more artists should do college tours since that’s a large market for music consumers?

I really like playing college shows because I feel like college students can really relate to a lot of my songs since it has a lot of focus on following your dreams and doing what you love to do.  I also love that college students are always looking to learn new things and open to trying things out.  Many artists have started out within the college market and I’m sure many more will come from there in the future!

I love your desire to give people inspiration to pursue their dreams. In such a highly competitive industry, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received to keep you going?

The best advice I have received has really been a couple of things, and it relates to all areas of life.  The people that make it in the music industry are the ones who work the hardest and stay with it the longest…not necessarily just the ones with the most raw talent.  I think this can translate to anything though in that if you work hard at it then you will hit various levels of success along the way.

What’s one major success in your career you hope to achieve within the next five years?

I feel like you have to be pretty flexible with music career goals since it is so competitive, but it would be really cool to have a song end up on mainstream radio at some point.  If that doesn’t work out, I would be perfectly happy in building a loyal fan base and touring around the world!  : )

What’s the biggest change music has brought into your life?

Five years ago, I would have never thought I’d be capable of playing music for a living and having an impact on people across the world.  More than anything, it has just changed my mindset.

 You come from a small town in Kansas. What’s it like to be able to travel doing what you love?

It’s truly amazing.  Although sometimes quite tiring!  haha.  And in case you didn’t already guess, I get a lot of “You’re not in Kansas anymore” when I travel.

 If you could perform with one of your idols (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Surprisingly enough, although I’m not really a country artist, I’d have to say Garth Brooks.  I liked him when I was younger and was just amazed at how good of a show he put on. I also just how happy he was when he was on stage.  He had a huge impact on country music…and he’s from Oklahoma too!

Is family a part of your foundation in your musical career?

My family has definitely helped and encouraged me, but I am definitely the first person that would be considered a performer in my family.  My mom played a little bit of guitar though and my dad used to sing a lot so that has definitely helped!

Following the “six word memoir” formula? In six words, describe your life right now. 

Crazy, spontaneous, adventurous, random, fulfilling, and exhausting!!

For links to Caleb’s music and more information about him, check out his website!

Caleb’s Website

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