I Walked Out a Katy Cat: My Review for Katy Perry’s 3D Film

 Ok, guilty as charged: I didn’t start out a die hard “Katy Cat” or Katy Perry fan. I love her music. However, to me it was something I jammed out to on my iPod or radio. After seeing this film, there’s a reason why I gained an enormous amount of respect for her.

First, there are some things you should know. Miss Katy Perry funded this film entirely herself. That’s right. The cost of editing, directing, producing, and the camera gear for a  3D film on a 1 year headlining tour was all funded by the Pop Confection Queen.

Next thing you should know is that out of 300 hours of footage: from backstage candid moments to performance material to her very raw and organic tellings of her upbringing they somehow managed to tell a very compelling, truthful, and captivating tale in an hour and thirty five minutes. Coming from someone who thinks it’s a headache to log and go through even half an hour of footage that is impressive.

You get to see what it takes to mount a highly successful (one of Pollstar and Billboard Chart topping) tours.

When the bubbly light score begins, you first hear the words of Perry’s fans on how she motivates them. Hearing a youthful generation speak on how this young lady showed them that it’s ok to be different (yeah, I know Lady GaGa has her monsters) was great to see a film being kicked off in a positive light.

Editing wise, the team did a great job transitioning from her story of how she got to be where was, giving fans an exclusive look at what a tour is and of course seeing what Katy does best her performing.

Cinematographically speaking, I’d have to say it was beautifully shot. The performances could be seen in their full vibrancy and I love seeing behind the scenes content. It’s what I live for.

One of the big things that really drew me into the film was the fact it was really raw and honest. Sometimes in these concert docs they just want you to see how fun it is to live the rockstar life. Katy wanted you to see her… all sides of her.

Hearing her story on how she came from such a sheltered Pentecostal Christian life to huge stardom was really inspiring. She really pushed herself to never stop. No matter what she went through and what people told her she just kept after it. Especially celebrating the fact that she was different.

Another highlight was seeing how you got to see a little bit of the truth behind record labels. After doing a little research on them, I wanted people that not everything is rainbows and butterflies. She wanted you to know that too. It even took a dramatic turn as a publicist stealing files and taking her to a label that wouldn’t tell her what to do. That wouldn’t bring in their A and R (artist and repertoire) guys and boss her around. She wanted to be Katy Perry and no one else, and that takes guts to do something like that.

One of the moments that really made me emotional was when you could see her marriage was coming undone. She hit the nail on the head when someone asked her, “Shouldn’t he come to you? (This was when she was on her world leg of the tour and having to do 18+hour flights just to spend a few days with Russell). She simply responded, “He should, but he isn’t.”

The moment that broke my heart was when she randomly started crying in the make up chair.  Her staff doesn’t usually see her cry, and they asked her what’s wrong. She saw the necklace Russell gave to her for a gift, and literally had a physical and mental breakdown. Almost to the point where they were nearly canceling a show.

She powered through it. Even after getting in full make up and costume, just seconds away from entering on stage, she had a melt down again. We’re talking “hardcore this hurts crying.” This time her staff was really concerned. You could even hear the stage manager speak over his headseat, “Guys, this thing could all go away. Standby. Front house crew get ready to standby.” But she showed amazing resilience and did her show in Brazil.

Yes, choosing between love and a successful career is hard. However, Katy showed in that film that she not only is a vocal powerhouse, she’s an inspiration. She goes after what she wants and she is heavily involved in her career. She can even be seen telling her tour crew her thoughts on the stage design.  This lady is fully involved in what happens to her as she should be.

I walked in thinking I was watching just another concert doc. I walked out in tears and highly emotional, because Katy Perry made her California dreams come true. Someday. I’m going to make mine happen. Thanks for the cotton candy kissed inspiration Katy.


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