#BowtieAmbassadors – @Team_Bowtie and Her Lovely #PipsterStory

Before starting the story of how I became a Pipster, we have to travel way back..

Time to rewind:  On 2/13/12, my life changed. I heard a voice that actually spoke to me. I saw someone that actually stood out to me. I saw, and heard, Phillip Arnold (Pip) for the very first time. I still to this day have not figured out why, but I felt something with this guy.. and I knew that whatever was going on with him, I wanted to be a part of it. So eventually, I decided to do something about it. On 3/26/12, I took a chance and gained the opportunity of a lifetime. On 3/26/12, I became @Team_BowTie!

Where things get interesting:

I knew that I didn’t want to be just another fan.. So once again, I took a chance. I came up with an idea, and decided to ask a few Pipsters what they thought about it. After receiving all positive inputs, I decided to send it to Pip. Miraculously, I got the reply I was looking for.. the reply that changed everything. After my first conversation with Pip and his wonderful sister, Bridget, we had started something that impacted all of Team Bow Tie in a way that we never expected. On this day, #APipTalk was created! Now that I had this one of a kind connection, I thought that things couldn’t get better. However, 3 days later, I got a certain notification that -once again- changed everything. My idol and inspiration, Pip, had followed me!

Time for the commitment:  Once this happened, I decided to make a big commitment. I pledged to always support Pip with anything he did. Not only did I pledge to stick by his side, I also made a pledge to my family–my Pipster family. I pledged to always be a leader, supporter, and friend for all of them. After taking this action, I chose to be the leader that I wanted to be. Shortly after making this pledge, my support level was put to the test–Pip launched his Kickstarter in the hopes of creating his debut album. I, along with many other amazing Pipsters, devoted time and effort into making Pip’s dream come true. In doing so, it turned out to be another great experience that only made all of our bonds (Mine-to-Pipsters/Mine-to-Pip) stronger. That alone truly was the experience of a lifetime. But it didn’t stop there.. Thanks to the unity of over 250 people, Pip’s Kickstarter was fully funded, and exceeded it’s goal by almost $4K!!

Fast forward  to where we are now:

Since the hard work has ended, we Pipsters are spending our time growing closer every day and working together on projects for Pip. I think I speak for every member of Team Bow Tie when I say– this journey has been the experience of a lifetime. Being able to unite with these wonderful fans to create such an amazing fan base has been so incredible. Just knowing that I’ve gained so many friends and sisters throughout this journey is an amazing thing that has impacted my life greatly. I’m excited to continue this journey with every Pipster, and Pip- of course.. And I couldn’t be happier:)

The “thank you”:     –Thanks to Pip, all of his family, and every single incredible Pipster, I am where I am today! I know entirely that I would not be here without them, and I’m so blessed and thankful to have them ALL in my life. That is all.. for now 😉

-Kristen Smith

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